Coronavirus THL’s research professor reminds tourists to follow the quarantine rules: “We depend on how diligently the instructions are followed”

THL’s Hannu Kiviranta sees many reasons for watering the rules. Recent positive news about a reduction in infections may give the impression that the virus has already been put down.

29.6. 20:03

St. Petersburg nearly 300 coronavirus infections have been reported among returned EM tourists by Tuesday. Last week, instead of border testing, hundreds of tourists were directed to three days of voluntary quarantine and advised to apply for a corona test in their home country.

Some are known to have not followed the instructions of the authorities.

Research Professor at the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) Hannu Kiviranta according to us, we will only see in a few days how well the race tourists have complied with the quarantine rules.

“If a person has become infected and has not avoided contact, they may have infected people they met during Midsummer. Possible follow-on infections will begin to appear in tests from the end of the week. We will then see if the infections start to rise and how well they can be linked to race tourists by tracking, ”Kiviranta says.

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HS said on Thursday of cases where a coron-infected traveler had attempted to visit a restaurant or public event before confirming their test results.

Kiviranta sees many reasons for watering from the rules. Recent positive news about the reduction in infections may give the impression that the viral situation has already been reversed.

“Some read the instructions of their own municipality, hospital district or THL very conscientiously. Part of the gang doesn’t care, and other things weigh more in the horizontal cup. ”

Saturday Iltalehti told about the race tourist, who, upon arrival in Finland, skipped voluntary quarantine and participated in the Himos Juhannus festival without attending the second corona test. On his trip to St. Petersburg, he met the same race tourists who have now been diagnosed with a large number of corona infections.

“When you get to celebrate for a long time, it’s understandable that missing an opportunity would be annoying. It is human. However, taking a risk is a value choice, ”says Kiviranta.

Upon arrival from a country with a high interest rate, the passenger is recommended to avoid voluntary contact, ie voluntary quarantine. Contacts should be avoided for 14 days or until you have had a corona test no earlier than 72 hours after entering the country and received a negative result.

“When you get to celebrate for a long time, it’s understandable that missing an opportunity would be annoying. However, taking a risk is a value choice. ”

The guidelines apply to tourists who have not received a full series of vaccinations or suffered from coronavirus disease in the last six months. Those who have received one vaccine are not tested at the border, but the rules are otherwise the same.

His name voluntary quarantine is a matter of discretion. Official quarantine is decided by the infectious disease doctor. Kiviranta reminds that both means are based on people’s own judgment and it is difficult to monitor compliance.

“Entry relies on people’s sense of responsibility that they voluntarily remain in quarantine-like conditions. Even official quarantine is based on the confidence that a person will obey a doctor. We depend on how diligently we follow the instructions. ”

When exposed to a generalized infectious disease, such as a coronavirus, an infectious disease physician may prescribe a person for official quarantine. The length of quarantine is usually 14 days.

Contact with people outside the home should be avoided during quarantine. Visiting a shop, work, pharmacy, hobbies or public events is not allowed. Going out is allowed as long as you keep a two meter safety distance to other people.

Violation of the rules may result in fines or up to three months in prison. That is when it is a health offense.

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