Coronavirus THL’s Mika Salminen on Denmark’s decision to lift interest rate restrictions: “I would see it as a good sign and hope”

According to Salminen, Finland is about a month behind Denmark in vaccinations. The hospital workload in the countries is quite similar.

Denmark has announced to unload all interest rate restrictions two weeks after September 10th.

Minister of Health of the country Magnus Heunicke announced in a press release released on Friday that vaccine coverage is at a record high and the epidemic is under control in the country.

Denmark’s decision to lift restrictions did not become Director of Health Safety, Department of Health and Welfare (THL) To Mika Salminen as a surprise.

“It has been seen that decisions along these lines are likely to begin in many countries.”

Salminen is optimistic about the opening of Denmark. The country is in many respects similar to Finland.

“I would see it as a good one and I hope it is a sign that we are gradually getting to an increasingly normal situation.”

Could Finland take the example of Denmark and give up vaccine coverage as vaccine coverage rises?

“If or when we get to the same type of situation as Denmark, then I would assume that policymakers are really considering this.”

Denmark however, according to Salminen, it is not opening with a single push, but society has been opened along the way with the help of a corona passport, for example.

“This is the end result of a certain continuum. I would assume that many European countries will gradually find themselves in the same situation. Hopefully also in Finland. ”

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According to Salminen, one of the reasons for Denmark’s higher vaccination coverage than in Finland is that Denmark was able to obtain additional vaccines in the past.

According to Salminen, Finland has also recently received an exceptional number of vaccines, which will help increase vaccination coverage.

According to Salminen, Denmark is up to a month ahead of Finland in vaccinations.

“A lot depends on people actually booking times. At least not to leave them unused. ”

Vaccination coverage however, according to Salminen, is not the only indicator by which the disease situation should be assessed.

About 80 per cent of Danes over the age of 12 have received two doses of the vaccine, compared with about 55 per cent in Finland.

“Vaccination coverage is an important figure, but the most important is how many of those infected end up in the hospital or die. If they are brought under control, the impact of the disease will no longer be so great. ”

Despite higher vaccination coverage, Denmark also has a higher incidence rate than Finland.

According to Salminen, it does not make sense to compare incidence figures between countries, as Denmark tests considerably more than Finland.

“They have at least five times the testing capacity compared to Finland. In practice, you can walk to the test points there just because, even without symptoms. ”

A more important indicator than the incidence rates is the hospital workload, which, according to Salminen, is quite similar in Denmark as in Finland.

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