Coronavirus This is how Helsinki reacts to the new restrictions: “The instructions could have come sooner, because we are about to be fucked”

On Friday, participants in HS’s street galleries welcomed the new coronavirus restrictions and recommendations.

“New the restrictions do not bother me at all, I think they were given on the subject. But they could have come sooner, because we’re just fucked. ”

This is what the bus driver living in Vihti commented on Toni Sirkiä, 61, restrictions and recommendations issued to the metropolitan area on Friday due to the corona epidemic situation. They are due to the fact that the capital has entered an epidemic phase.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori (Kok) presented the new restrictions and recommendations at a press conference on Friday.

Restrictions lasting three weeks were imposed, for example, on the hobby activities of adult team and contact sports. The maximum number of people for indoor public events such as sporting events and concerts should be limited to 20 people.

In addition, the number of visitors to the swimming pools will be halved and the number of study hall places in libraries will be reduced from Monday for the time being. In high schools, there will be a shift in distance learning in periods of the week.

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The new recommendations apply to face masks, for example. The mask recommendation was given to high school and early childhood education staff. A mask for all encounters is recommended for present work.

Bus driver Toni Sirkiä says that those who get on board avoid contact with him and vice versa.­

The bus driver Sirkia thinks the new restrictions may come a little late. The recommendations do not exactly affect his daily life.

“At work, we have had masks in use until now. I don’t wear the mask while driving, because firstly the glasses get fogged and secondly with the mask I can’t turn my head fast enough, so it limits my field of vision. The plexiglass and fan handle the mask. ”

People’s social contacts play a crucial role in the spread of infections.

When the epidemic struck, Finns reduced their social and physical contacts by an average of about 70 percent. In September, the impact of jobs and local work, as well as the opening of educational institutions and other meetings on the increase in infection rates, THL’s chief physician Taneli Puumalainen said in Thursday’s coronavirus status report.

“Clearly, there are more social contacts where there are more people. It is quite a different matter to talk about a metropolitan area of ​​1.2 million people than about some smaller cities, villages or municipalities. Even if we take whatever measures, there will still be a lot more opportunities for social contacts here, ”Vapaavuori said on Thursday night at Yle’s A-Studio.

Sirkiä hardly believes that he can no longer reduce his social contacts from the current one. He says he meets people mainly at work and in the store.

“At Christmas, the skids come to the village, but that’s where it stays. The biggest change has come with travel. I used to travel a lot abroad, but now it’s completely gone. ”

Aino Nyrökorpi, 16, Emma Hanagan, 16, Ronya Nyman, 16, Eveliina Riihimäki 16, Pekka Ahosola, 15, who are attending high school in Helsinki’s Kallio, were waiting for a bus at Elielinaukio’s bus terminal on Friday.­

Also others who responded to the HS street galleries on Friday were quite positive about the new restrictions and recommendations.

Respondents of different ages from across Uusimaa both expressed their views on the new measures and opened up the reasons why they intend to follow or not follow some of the recommendations.

Living in Helsinki Aino Nyrökorpi, 16, living in Järvenpää Emma Hanagan, 16, living in Sipoo Ronya Nyman, 16, and living in Helsinki Eveliina Riihimäki 16, and Pekka Ahosola, 15, consider the new restrictions and recommendations to be a good thing.

“It’s really good to have a stronger mask recommendation for middle school. I know that there have been numerous coronavirus infections in my middle school in Sipoo, so it would be good if more masks were used in schools and if it reduced infections, ”says Nyman.

“However, we do not want the situation to get worse than this. For middle school, mask recommendation is important. It is also good that only half of the usual number of people are admitted to swimming pools, for example, ”says Hanagan.

Riihimäki and Ahosola reflect on the overall picture.

“Of course it’s unfortunate that you can’t get into hobbies, but that hobby isn’t that important in this situation,” Riihimäki says.

“You still have to find the balance that can still lead a normal life. Everything should not just be closed, as the situation will continue for a long time to come, ”Ahosola commented.

Outfit also says that it has reduced leisure social contacts and moves mostly in the same gang.

“We have that one outfit we hang out with. I have friends in Sipoo too, but I don’t hang out with them face to face right now because they go to different schools and move in such different circles that otherwise all the butts would mix. It feels pointless at this point to be able to chat with them even on social media, ”says Nyman.

Hanagan, who lives in Järvenpää, says the same.

Reducing contacts in upper secondary school is not as easy, because every hour you are with different people, Riihimäki says.

According to Nyrökorvi, reducing contacts can feel miserable and awkward even if you have just started a new school.

“Not everyone has a certain circle or certain friends. It can be hard to get in a group and make friends right now, when it doesn’t come to mind that someone else will be invited. ”

Lassi Katajarinne cycled from Espoo to Helsinki to avoid cramped public transport. The coronavirus situation has also made him think about how to spend Christmas safely.­

In Espoo resident Lassi Katajarinne, 48, says he is happy to follow the new recommendations and restrictions.

“Yes, keeping the situation under control inevitably requires some kind of action. On the other hand I have all the time hoped that over time, invented the means by which we can live and do things normally. Of course, I understand that at the same time some things need to be limited. ”

The new restrictions and recommendations affect the daily life of Katajarinne in many different ways.

“I have primary and secondary school children and I coach adult contact sports. In addition, I do wellness coaching, so Korona has contributed to that as well. At the moment, my focus in coaching is on moving outside and the same thing continues. ”

He says he has already reduced social contacts and is also preparing for a different Christmas than in previous years.

“We stated among the relatives that when there are so many grandparents, children and grandchildren, this year we are not gathering together at one time but on the steps of meetings. When there are fewer groups in the same space, it is easier to keep the distance. ”

Hanna-Mari Ylinen often studies at the Central Library in Oodi. “The spouse works remotely at home, so it makes it a little harder to study at home,” Ylinen says.­

In Helsinki resident Hanna-Mari Ylinen, 26, says that of the new restrictions, he is mainly affected by library restrictions.

“I am a student, and now I have studied a lot of remotely. It’s nice to have a place to go without having to be home all the time. ”

Restricting public events is, in Ylinen’s opinion, only a good thing.

“Just yesterday I was wondering how concerts and others are still being organized. They could have been restricted earlier. ”

The new mask recommendations make Ylinen consider increasing the use of masks.

“Mainly I have been using public self-masks, but perhaps now need to use more masks in public spaces.”

Ylinen says that he has reduced social contacts with distance learning.

“I’m involved in hobbies and organizational work, in which we have not yet met face to face with a five-person to go on. Maybe then they too should move to remote meetings and it’s a bit of a pity. ”


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