Coronavirus There may be as many as tens of thousands of people with prolonged corona in Finland, and this could have a significant impact on lifting restrictions – Experts say what long covid patients are known right now

In Finland, there may be as many as tens of thousands of people suffering from prolonged coronary symptoms. Among other things, young people suffer from neurological symptoms, among others. Experts are concerned about the social impact of the disease.

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In the United States, the focus of the coronavirus debate has already shifted to long covid. Penny Parkin, 69, contracted coronavirus disease a year ago, and her aftermath continues to cause her daily fatigue.

Eliisa Aikkila HS

13:00 | Updated 18:15

MORTALITY coronavirus disease is declining due to vaccinations, but experts are increasingly pressured by a new concern: the long-term symptoms of coronary heart disease.

“We know that two-thirds of people with coronavirus disease have some form of symptom after three weeks. In six months, some will have some symptoms, ”Hus’s chief infectious disease doctor Asko Järvinen says.

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