Coronavirus There is no coronavirus in Tanzania, the president claimed for a long time: Now he has not been seen for a couple of weeks and rumors of a serious illness are rising

If President John Maguful claims to be ill in Tanzania, he will be arrested. The president has previously said that God has helped Tanzania defeat the pandemic, or Satan.

15.3. 13:32

Tanzania police have arrested a man who spread allegations on the internet about the president John Magufulin illness, the news agency said AP on Sunday.

“There are many others who spread false statements. We will arrest them all, ”said the police chief Ramadhani Kingai at a press conference in Dar es Salaam.

The arrest of one person is not in itself surprising, as Tanzania, with a population of 60 million, is a state of oppression.

Detainees however, the number may soon become very large according to the criteria of the Chief of Police. President Maguful, 61, has not been seen in public since Feb. 27, and his absence from publicity is not like him.

In Tanzania, rumors are growing day by day that Magufuli has contracted covid-19 disease. The president’s inner circle has denied his illness so often and so sharply that denial is more likely to incite rumors.

“The head of state is not a leader of a jogging club who should be on display every day taking selfies!” declared by the Minister for Constitutional Affairs Mwigulu Chemba American ABC channel by.

Prime minister Kassim Majaliwa said in turn on Friday the news site Africanewsin according to that the president is healthy.

“I want to reassure the Tanzanians that their president is okay and working hard as usual.”

He said the president had sent greetings.

John Magufuli has ruled Tanzania harshly since 2015. The president is known as a fierce contempt for the coronavirus, and Tanzania says he doesn’t even have covid-19 disease.

HS reported on Maguful’s attitudes at the turn of March in the article.

“We have survived a year without the virus because God is mighty and Satan will always disappear,” Magufuli has said. He has also warned citizens about face masks and coronary vaccines, the real purpose of which is to “make girls infertile”.

In February, however, Maguful’s tone had changed slightly, as HS reported. He said he approved the use of respirators. The reason for the change of heart could have been the deteriorating corona situation in Tanzania.

Magufulin there is no reliable information on the current state of health in one direction or another. He usually appears in public many times a week, especially on Tanzanian state television.

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