Coronavirus The WHO recommends that an additional vaccine be given to those with a weakened immune system

The basic vaccination series does not provide adequate protection for people with moderate or severe immune deficiencies, says the WHO expert group.

World WHO vaccine experts said on Monday they would recommend giving an extra booster dose to people with a weakened immune system. The booster vaccine is all WHO-approved coronary vaccines.

The news agency AFP reports this.

The basic vaccination series does not provide adequate protection for people with moderate to severe immune deficiency, said WHO vaccination expert group Sage.

“They have a high risk of getting serious coronavirus disease,” Sage said, according to AFP.

Extra according to the WHO, the dose should be given to the above risk group within one to three months of the previous dose.

According to experts, the administration of an additional dose would appear to prevent severe symptoms and deaths from coronavirus disease in studies.

In the event of poor availability and supply difficulties, a vaccine from a different manufacturer may be given as a booster vaccine than on previous occasions.

WHO all of the approved coronary vaccines are two-dose vaccines except for the Janssen vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, which is usually given only once.

However, Sage stressed that it does not recommend giving a booster vaccine to the entire population, as some states have already done.

According to the WHO, one should wait at least until the end of the year before vaccinating the entire population, so that a sufficient proportion of the population has been vaccinated in all countries with low vaccine coverage.

When starting booster doses at the population level, according to the WHO, it should start in the oldest age groups.

WHO the goal was to vaccinate ten percent of citizens in all countries by the end of September, but that threshold was not exceeded in as many as 56 countries. Of the high-income countries, 90 percent reached the target.

Sage held a four-day meeting last week to review the latest research findings on both coronary and other vaccines.

The next time Sage said he would review the situation with booster vaccines on November 11th.


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