Coronavirus The German mask compulsion is tightening because of the British variant of the coronavirus: cloth masks are no longer enough

Fabric masks will be replaced in Germany by more effective hospital masks and the exclusion of society will continue.


German chancellor Angela Merkel and the state prime ministers decided on Tuesday to extend the German crown embargo. The closure of society will continue this batch until February 14th.

As a general rule, all services, with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies, remain closed, and only temporary care is provided in schools and kindergartens in most German Länder.

German blackmail into coronary crisis management is due to new mutations in the coronavirus. According to Merkel, the extent of the presence of the British variant, the B117 virus, is not known in Germany, but it is now being combated by new means.

The virus variant is more susceptible to human-to-human transmission of the previous type of coronavirus. As a result, its control is being stepped up, although an accurate picture of its prevalence is not yet available.

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Great as a practical change in Germany, people’s daily lives will be changing from fabric masks to more effective masks. Hospital-level masks, ie so-called surgical masks or masks in accordance with the KN95, N95 or FFP2 standard, must be introduced in shops and on public transport.

These more effective masks also better protect their wearer, while the fabric mask protects outsiders from the mask wearer splashes.

Mask obstruction in public transport, shops and other public spaces has been in force in Germany until the end of April. According to the German leadership, masks have proven to be an effective tool in a pandemic in themselves.

According to Merkel, the threat of a British variant of the coronavirus has become increasingly apparent in Germany, and it would be wrong not to react to it now that there is still time.

“We need to act now,” he said at a news conference late Tuesday night.

A more detailed analysis of the prevalence of the variant in Germany is expected in early February, according to Merkel. The German leadership works closely with the country’s top virologists.

A newspaper in Berlin on Wednesday Rear view mirror said, referring to research clinic sources, that the British variant of the coronavirus is likely to spread among people in Berlin, as it has also been found in non – returnees.

Pedestrians in central Berlin in December.­

Merkel According to Germany, there is now hope that new infections will fall slightly in December thanks to tighter closures.

Vaccine deliveries have been slower than expected, but the goal remains to provide vaccination for all by the end of the summer.

The daily death rates associated with the coronavirus have been high in Germany in recent weeks, at around a thousand people a day.

There have been many infections and deaths in nursing homes in particular. About 48,000 people have died of the coronavirus in Germany, most of them in the last two months. 89 percent of the deaths are over 70 years of age.

One focus is now on increasing testing in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. There are currently 10,000 German Army soldiers in nursing homes to help with testing. There will also be a shift to more effective masks in nursing homes.

As an appointment restriction In Germany, the restriction on meeting only one outsiders and one household remains in place.

The aim is to increase teleworking. According to Merkel, the number of teleworkers was higher last March than it is now, and it should get higher.

Worship services and other religious occasions may only be organized according to strict rules, and singing in them is prohibited.

There are currently 306.8 new infections per 100,000 people in Germany in 14 days. In Finland, the corresponding figure is 63.2. The worst situation is currently in the Czech Republic, where the figure is 1,306.1.

A pharmacy employee unveiled FFP2 filtration power face masks in Berlin on Tuesday.­


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