Coronavirus The French Constitutional Court approved Macron’s corona passport, for use at least on trains, planes and restaurants

At the same time, health care workers will be required to receive coronation vaccination.

5.8. 17:45

French the Constitutional Court was approved by the president on Thursday Emmanuel Macronin a compulsory health certificate, which the citizen must be able to present in several places if required.

According to the court, the coroner passport law passed by parliament in July is “largely” constitutional, according to the news agency AFP.

The court’s decision means that citizens will have to present an interest-bearing passport from mid-September if they plan to eat inside restaurants, travel long-distance trains or board a plane.

At the same time, health care workers will be required to receive coronation vaccination.

French the corona passport was already adopted in May but has only been required at large public events. A passport is proof of either vaccine protection, a recent negative corona test, or a disease.

Macron’s vigorous push for the bill has raised widespread resistance. About 200,000 people marched in a protest against the mandatory corona passport last Saturday and activists are promising new demonstrations. Opponents say the president is interfering with individual freedom and discriminating against unvaccinated people.

“A few tens of thousands of people have been confused to the extent that they claim the French live in a dictatorship,” Macron commented in an interview on Wednesday. He stressed that refusing the vaccine is “irresponsible” and referred to the end of health care capacity.

Hospitals in the south of France have reported relocating surgeries as an emergency to free up beds for patients in the fourth wave of epidemics caused by the coronavirus delta variant.



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