Coronavirus The enthusiasm of Helsinki residents to apply for third-time vaccinations has blocked vaccination points – “It is useless for others to come to queue it”

Only those at risk will receive the triple vaccine without an appointment.

Triple vaccine wanting, non-at-risk Helsinki residents are now unnecessarily congesting vaccination points that vaccinate at-risk groups without an appointment.

“Without an appointment, only people over the age of 60 and those at risk are currently receiving the triple vaccine; it is no longer necessary for others to come to queue it at vaccination points,” Leena Turpeinen says.

This situation may be due to the complexity of the current vaccination schedule. The first and second vaccinations are currently available without an appointment; the third does not.

All those who want the first or second vaccination can also be vaccinated without an appointment.

According to LeenaTurpeinen, the congestion at the vaccination sites began when Helsinki announced on Monday that it would open an appointment for the third vaccination for all 18- to 59-year-olds.

A third vaccine is therefore available for this age group, but an appointment is required for the time being.

It is planned that at some point the third vaccinations will be widely distributed without an appointment, Turpeinen promises.

“Yes, we are opening up the possibility of getting the third vaccine without an appointment in due course, but first we want to ensure that the risk groups can be vaccinated,” says Turpeinen.

Bridge At present, non-at-risk Helsinki residents do not receive time for the third vaccine until weeks later. According to Turpeinen, however, it is worth monitoring the situation in the appointment system, as due to cancellations, times may be available earlier.

According to the City of Helsinki’s press release, the first free periods will not be available until January, but the city is scheduled to open more vaccination periods as new employees become available.

You can make an appointment for the third coronary vaccination at or by calling 09 310 46300 on weekdays.

The first and second doses of coronary vaccination are currently available in Helsinki without an appointment at the vaccination points in Jätkäsaari, Kannelmäki, Malmi and Myllypuro, as well as a pop-up point in the Kamppi shopping center. The locations and opening hours of the vaccination points can be found at

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