Coronavirus The corona pandemic reduced the lottery of Helsinki residents with water in their homes in the mornings

The telework recommendation and the restrictions of the Korona period have changed the water consumption habits of Helsinki residents.

Coronary pandemic and the consequent increase in teleworking has changed the water consumption of Helsinki residents.

The total consumption of domestic water by Helsinki residents has remained fairly similar in the exceptional year, but its priorities have changed: water is used more at home and more evenly during the day.

According to the Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY), weekdays during the pandemic have resembled school holidays, when water is used more evenly throughout the day. In particular, the morning consumption hood has been smaller.

In office buildings water use, on the other hand, has clearly declined.

“Corona time has also been reflected in invoicing in the hotel sector, as utilization rates have been almost non-existent and there has been little water consumption. The same applies to educational institutions that have switched to distance learning, ”says HSY’s billing manager Tiina Määttä in the city bulletin.

Normal less water has also been consumed in spas and swimming pools, the use of which has been severely restricted during the corona epidemic.

HSY reminds to report water meter readings of properties.

“We equalize water usage fees with an equalization bill. A change in water billing can be significant if water consumption in the property has changed, ”says Määttä.



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