Coronavirus Teachers of wild infection rates in France prepare for giant strike in protest at government’s lax corona policy

Teachers are concerned about the rule that more than one student must be infected in the same class before teaching is interrupted.

In France a gigantic strike will take place on Thursday, with the union people estimating that about 75 per cent of primary school teachers will take part and potentially closing about half of the country’s primary schools, the AFP news agency said. The strike is an exceptionally widespread demonstration in the field of education.

Teachers are protesting the government’s corona policy, which is considered far too loose to curb the epidemic. Last week alone, between 5% and 6% of schoolchildren in Paris tested positive for corona and around 280,000 new infections are reported in the country every day. According to expert warnings, at least a third of the teaching staff will be infected with the coronavirus by the end of January.

Healthcare and education experts have called for more effective respirators and air quality meters in schools to reduce infections, for example. In addition, a return to last fall’s policy of having one student infected in the classroom led to class quarantine has been welcomed.

The government later outlined that there should be three infections per classroom before children are quarantined. This practice was replaced in early January by the opening of schools with the vague mention that teaching will be suspended when a “very large” number of pupils are infected.

“The virus is likely to be circulated in schools,” commented the new epidemiologist Mahmoud Zureik According to AFP, France Info.

Minister of Education who has been severely criticized Jean-Michel Blanquer noted in a protest from teachers that he is annoyed by the contentious atmosphere when a final crackdown on the corona epidemic may be underway. “You can’t go on strike against the virus,” he said.

About 67 million inhabitants in France has been recorded nearly 13 million coronary infections and more than 127,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

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