Coronavirus Students lined up for testing on a bus in Turku police in monitoring quarantine – “Frankly, I’m really annoyed,” says a French exchange student

During the weekend, the police will monitor the departure of quarantine and exchange students assigned to isolation in Turku.

Student Village dozens of students gathered along the intersecting Inspehtoorinkatu on Saturday morning for corona testing. The city of Turku had brought a “anti-coronation bus” to Ylioppilaskylä, which could be tested without an appointment.

An exceptional testing opportunity had been arranged, as exchange students were found to have a large cluster of infections this week. More than 80 infections have already been identified in the cluster, but the final number of infections can be as high as 200.

French exchange student Blandine Andrault was second in line. A woman from Bordeaux had come to Turku in the autumn to study law for a year.

The third-year student was one of about 200 exposed to quarantine due to exposure. The city will supply quarantined basic foods to those quarantined during the quarantine period. The first food bags were distributed on Friday.

Blandine Andrault, a French law student, took a corona test on a corona bus in the city of Turku.­

Andrault said he understood the need for quarantine, but he was upset that the virus had spread due to irresponsible behavior.

“Frankly, I’m really annoyed with the situation. I have not attended any of the parties, and now there are already three sick people in our dormitory. ”

Andrault’s dormitory is home to 12 students who have access to a shared kitchen. According to the health authorities of the City of Turku, the virus has spread easily in students’ dormitories.

Another factor that contributed to the emergence of the cluster is that the infections are likely to be caused by a British virus variant that spreads more sensitively to the original virus strain.

The third probable cause is related to communication between students. Exchange students have had a lot of contact with each other during the early part of the year, and some have participated in student parties.

“I was quite desperate when I heard about the infections. My motivation to study has disappeared with quarantine, ”says Andrault.

The police patrol supervised the quarantined Retrodorm dormitory outside Turku.­

Turku the university announced on Friday it would close its doors for two weeks due to infections. During the lockout, students will not have access to campus buildings or online exam facilities.

Police patrols also took place in the student village on Saturday. On Friday morning, the city of Turku submitted a request for official assistance to the police of Southwest Finland to supervise quarantines and students assigned to solitary confinement. Police launched surveillance on Friday night.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwest Finland ordered 65 residents of the Retrodorm dormitory in Luolavuori for a corona test. Nine of the residents had obtained a positive result in the corona test by Friday.

On Saturday morning, in front of the dormitory, there was a police patrol in the passport supervising the quarantine.

Retrodorm Dormitory, located on Luolavuori in Turku, has been ordered for quarantine and police surveillance.­

Dissertation doing Gabriele Beltrame had prepared for a long queue. Twenty students were queuing up on the test bus before him. The Italian, who lived in Finland for five years, said that he understood the use of exchange students at least in part.

“It has to be said that as a Southern European, I understand that Erasmus students who come here need to come together and see other students. However, the situation should have been taken care of much more responsibly, ”the doctoral student said.

As a graduate student, Beltrame does not live in a dormitory, so she is not known to have been exposed to the infection.

“However, I have been in contact with the students, so better to be safe than sorry,” Beltrame said.

He praised the city’s decision to bring a test bus to the Student Village. Many exchange students when unable to book a test time.

“Some exchange students don’t know about the existence of the Omaolo site and few even know how to use it.”

Italian postgraduate student Gabriele Beltrame queued for a corona test in the city of Turku.­

The mobile city of Turku’s mobile corona information and testing bus arrived in the city’s student village on Saturday morning to distribute free tests.­

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