Coronavirus Stricter mask recommendation and extensive telework recommendation for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Southwest Finland

The Corona Coordination Group recommends the use of masks in all public interiors and vehicles where other people are present.

In the metropolitan area will return to the broad mask recommendation, regardless of the level of vaccination protection for all those aged 12 and over, informs the Helsinki Metropolitan Corona Coordination Group.

At the same time, the corona coordination group has outlined the return to a broad telework recommendation.

The Corona Coordination Group recommends the use of masks in all public interiors and vehicles where other people are present.

In schools, the use of a mask is recommended from the sixth grade.

The Corona Coordination Group’s bulletin hopes that private operators will also adopt mask recommendations on a large scale.

The new recommendations will take effect immediately and will remain in effect until January 16th.

“There are currently as many infections in the HUS area

The metropolitan area the corona coordination group recommends switching to telecommuting in all jobs where it is possible, even temporarily.

If teleworking is not possible, the coordination group recommends the use of a face mask in all work areas, regardless of whether it is possible to maintain adequate safety clearances.

“Meals and coffee breaks in the workplace should be staggered and the need for close meetings should be carefully assessed,” the press release says.

Corona Coordination Group calls on the government to significantly tighten restaurant restrictions to curb the accelerating corona epidemic.

The Corona Coordination Group recommends that all restaurants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area require a corona pass throughout their opening hours. All restaurants and cafés have the opportunity to introduce a corona passport and thus get rid of customer restrictions. If the restaurant does not introduce a corona passport, the seats in the on-site restaurant should currently be limited to 50 per cent and in other restaurants to 75 per cent.

“Growing infection rates and the burden of hospital care require prompt action from both regional actors and the government. The responsibility for managing the epidemic is shared, ”the release said.

Also In Southwest Finland, an extensive telework recommendation will be re-enacted and the use of a face mask is also recommended for vaccinated people, according to a press release from the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

It is recommended to use the mouthpiece cover both outdoors and indoors when it is not possible to keep a sufficient distance.

The telework recommendation is expected to reduce workplace traffic and the number of other contacts.

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