Coronavirus South Africa: Omicronutral retreat, effects of viral transformation on mortality negligible

A highly contagious variant of the coronavirus was detected in South Africa in November. Now South Africa lifted the strictest restrictions such as a night curfew.

South Africa reported on Thursday that the wave of infection caused by the omicron variant of the coronavirus appears to be fading. With the spread of the infection peak, South Africa decided to loosen its corona restrictions.

The easily infectious omicron variant gave birth to a new global wave of infection in late 2021. However, new evidence from South Africa has raised hopes that the omicron variant may be less dangerous than other known variants of the virus.

“All indicators show the country has passed the peak of the fourth wave,” the South African presidential office said Thursday in the bulletin, in which the night curfew was lifted.

During the outbreak, only a small increase in coronavirus-induced covid-19-related deaths was seen in South Africa, the release said.

“Although the micron transformation is highly contagious, the number of hospital admissions has been lower than in previous waves.”

Omikron was first identified in South Africa and Botswana at the end of November. The virus variant quickly became the most common variant in South Africa, and at the same time, the number of infections increased exponentially.

In mid-December, the worst infections were found in about 26,000 days. South Africa has a population of about 60 million.

It was reported on Thursday that less than 13,000 infections had been diagnosed in South Africa in a day.

“The speed at which the fourth wave generated by the omicron rose, peaked and then declined has been astounding. Peak in four weeks and recession in two, ” Fareed Abdullah The South African Medical Research Council commented on Twitter.

Omicron conversion in the world at the moment, says the World Health Organization. Elsewhere in the world, the omicron wave seems to be just beginning.

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In the United States, for example, a new wave has filled hospitals, and experts say the number of infections exceeds previous waves, says news channel CNN.

A new wave has also hit Finland. The number of infections has increased more than during the entire pandemic.

Professor of Zoonotic Virology Olli Vapalahti and Professor of Immunology Seppo Meri evaluate HS said on Thursday that the omycron will make it easier in Finland by February.

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