Coronavirus Several infections again at Hakunila Lehtikuunen School in Vantaa: 11 cases in March, 80 in the beginning of the year

The larch school was also found to be infected with clusters in the early 80s. Part of the infection was due to a British variant of the coronavirus.

Larch 11 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in March at the school in Hakunila, Vantaa, informs the City of Vantaa.

Infections have been reported at several different grade levels. The Larch School has two buildings, one for grades 1-4 and the other for grades 5-9. There are no clear links between all infections, according to the release, but a large proportion of infections are likely to come from outside the school, according to the city.

Some students and staff have been exposed to infections, according to the release. According to the City of Vantaa’s corona pages, there are 121 people exposed at Lehtikuunen School. The exposed people have been quarantined. Otherwise, the school will continue to operate normally.

Larch many coronavirus infections have been reported in the school in the past.

A total of 80 infections were detected in the infection group at the beginning of the year. The first of these were found at the end of January and the last at the end of February.

According to the City of Vantaa, 32 out of 80 infections have been confirmed as a British variant of the coronavirus. The British variant is more susceptible to the standard coronavirus.

The final results for all samples are not yet available, so even more of the British variant can be found.

Hundreds of students and staff members have been quarantined this year due to infections and exposures. For example, in early January was quarantined more than 400 Lehtikuusi schoolchildren or staff members. There are now 121 in quarantine.

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