Coronavirus School class quarantined in Switzerland after three students falsify corona test results – School plans to sue students

Basel High School is not going to fire its students, but they are promised legal sanctions for falsifying health records.

In Switzerland In Basel, high school students falsified their coronavirus test results to surface school, resulting in the entire class being quarantined, the Swiss said. Blick magazine on wednesday.

Three students at Kirschgarten High School falsified text messages from the Swiss Corona Trace. Due to bogus positive test results, the entire class of 25 students as well as a few teachers were assigned to their homes for distance learning for ten days.

The case has been taken seriously in Switzerland as the school intends to sue its pupils.

“This is not a childish joke, but a serious matter,” says Basel’s director of school communications Simon Thiriet said to the magazine.

School intends, according to Thiriet, to take disciplinary action on the case, but does not intend to dismiss the students, as they admitted their actions as soon as they suspected it. In addition, there are legal sanctions for falsifying health documents.

Thiriet said she understands that students are in a difficult situation because of the pandemic, but that still doesn’t justify the act.

The incident happened before the spring break in March.

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