Coronavirus Public events for more than 20 people are banned for three weeks – Such are the new restrictions and recommendations in Uusimaa

Restrictions, for example, suspend the hobby activities of adults and the recommendation to use face masks was also given to the upper secondary school.

The metropolitan area the corona coordination group spoke about new restrictions, recommendations and other measures in Uusimaa on Friday.

The metropolitan area entered the coronavirus epidemic spread on Thursday. The spread phase is most severe on the three-stage scale of the epidemic. The steps are defined in the STM published in September in the action plan and are based on incidence rates.

The restrictions aim to reverse the epidemic quickly and prevent the epidemic from accelerating and further tightening just before Christmas.

The situation is worst in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but the Uusimaa Regional Coordination Group recommends that the new restrictions and recommendations be introduced elsewhere in Uusimaa.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori told a news conference that the restrictions are in place for the time being. In addition, the two most drastic measures are even more limited in time and will be valid for three weeks.

Here are the new restrictions and recommendations in Uusimaa:

Adult hobbies

Hobby activities for team and contact sports over the age of 20 in indoor cities managed by cities will be suspended for three weeks from 23 November 2020.

Matches, competitions or regional series between adult hobby teams will not be held during the same period. Private operators are recommended to follow the same restrictions. In addition, it is recommended that all adult hobbies be performed only in your own hobby group for the time being.

The cities will send more detailed instructions to the clubs and cancel the shifts of the adult and team sports activities for the period in question.

Restrictions do not apply to national and group sport national team activities and other training activities aimed at international excellence.

Public events

The cities, the Department of Health and Welfare THL and the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District HUS outlined that the maximum number of indoor public events should be limited to 20 people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area from 23 November 2020 for three weeks. The decision in the matter is made by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.

“This is a restriction, not a recommendation,” Vapaavuori said at the news conference.

Public events refer to all sporting events, concerts and other occasions.

Private events

The Corona Coordination Group continues to call for discretion and restraint in the organization of private events on 13 November 2020, and recommends that no private events for more than ten people be held for the time being. The recommendation also applies to fall student parties, family and family events, and Christmas parties.

Public spaces

In the case of public spaces, in addition to the restrictions previously imposed, the number of visitors to swimming pools will be halved and half of the changing rooms will be closed. In addition, the number of study hall places in libraries will be reduced as of November 23, 2020 for the time being.

Schools and early childhood education

The rotation of secondary education is increasing for the time being.

Early childhood staff are recommended to use a face mask indoors whenever possible. The use of the mask is especially recommended for people who travel to different places in their work, such as deputies, daycare assistants, daycare managers, interns and on-the-job learners.

A recommendation for the use of face masks was also given to the high school. For high school students, cities offer masks, but you can also use your own face masks.

The recommendations will enter into force on 23.11.2020. Municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area procure face masks for their employees and they will be delivered to workplaces as soon as possible. You can also use your own face mask. The face mask recommendations do not need to be followed if there is a health barrier.

Face masks

The coordination group recommends the use of a face mask to all those present at all encounters and when moving around the workplace. The recommendation applies to both private and public sector jobs.


According to Vapaavuori, declaring the spread phase also means changes in restaurant operations. The Government will decide on this later.


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