Coronavirus Police dispersed several protests in Sweden against anti-coronary restrictions

The protests were part of an international movement that organized demonstrations on Saturday in dozens of cities around the world.


In Sweden several demonstrations were held across the country on Saturday against opposition to corona restrictions. The country’s police dispersed protests in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, where hundreds of people gathered to demonstrate.

Sweden has a gathering restriction that bans public gatherings of more than eight people, and police had prepared for the protests with a large occupation. Police had said they had not contacted the organizers of the protest.

Two weeks ago in Stockholm was held the first demonstration against corona restrictions, and some of the same organizers were behind this Saturday ‘s demonstration.

In Stockholm, the organizers of the demonstration urged people to first gather in the city center in three different places, Norrmalmstorget, Mynttorget and Sergel Square. Eventually, the protesters gathered in Kungsträdsgården, a park in central Stockholm.

Police removed several people from the protest.­

The protests were part of an international movement that organized anti-coronary protests on Saturday in dozens of cities around the world. Hundreds of people also took part in a protest against interest rate restrictions in Finland.

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One of the backstones of the Stockholm protests told Swedish right-wing populist Samnytt media that he hoped for as many as ten thousand people to protest on Saturday.

However, only a few hundred people took part in the demonstration in Stockholm. At the start of the demonstration at 1 pm local time, seven police cars and a lot of wondering people were on duty at Sergel Square, but there were few protesters.

Shortly before 1 p.m., Sergel Square did not show protesters against coronary restrictions, but there were two demonstrators demanding the waiver of coronary vaccine patents. “The vaccine needs to be made available to everyone,” Christian Tengblad said.­

A police surveillance plane flew over the nearly empty square.

Later At least a hundred protesters were present at Kungsträdgården. Police monitored the situation, wearing both face masks and gas masks. Police repeatedly ordered the crowd to disperse on the grounds of the pandemic law, citing announcements, but protesters remained in place.

Demonstrators who opposed corona restrictions at Kungsträdgården.­

Protesters had surrounded the statue of King Charles XIII, who ruled Sweden in the early 19th century. Demonstration signs warned that coronary vaccines contained poison, that politicians, the media and police were “elite puppets” and called for an end to the dictatorship.

Police removed several protesters from the scene, and the demonstration procession continued from the park towards Norrmalmstorget, where police also removed the protesters from the scene.

After several police orders to leave, the protesters continued their journey from the park.­

In the afternoon at half past four local time, police described the situation as calm.

Elsewhere in Europe, thousands of people took part in protests against interest rate restrictions. In Kassel, Germany, for example, the number of protesters was estimated at 10,000.

Protesters in Kungsträdgården.­

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