Coronavirus Omicron transformation caused chaos at Amsterdam airport – Dutch airline KLM plans to continue flying to South Africa

On Friday, the European Commission recommended that member states stop air traffic to southern African countries.

27.11. 23:31

Schipolin two flights from South Africa landed at Amsterdam Airport on Friday. Due to a new coronavirus variant, omicron, that spread rapidly in southern Africa, some 600 passengers arriving by plane were isolated at the airport to wait for their coronavirus tests to be completed.

Of the passengers, 61 tested positive for coronavirus. News agencies AFP and Reuters report that the country’s health authorities consider it likely that at least some of the infections are new to micron transformation.

According to AFP, passengers who gave a positive sample were placed in hotel quarantine, but only those living in the Netherlands who gave a negative sample were asked to isolate themselves in their homes. According to the Dutch health authorities, foreign passengers were allowed to continue their journey after receiving a certificate of their test result.

On flights passengers have said the situation has become chaotic. Health editor of The New York Times Stephanie Nolen called the situation messaging service On Twitter “Dystopic.”

Nolen also wrote that people waiting for their tests waited several hours in one state where most did not wear face masks. Even after the corona test results were completed, it was difficult to get the masks, he said.

A Swedish woman who came from Namibia on holiday told a Swedish newspaper Aftonbladetillethat passengers had to wait on a plane for more than four hours before entering an confined space at an airport where they were tested for a coronavirus.

The woman described the situation at the airport as “chaotic” and said passengers had tried to escape from the airport, so police and law enforcement officers had to be called to the scene.

Dutch the airline KLM has said intends to continue flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town. However, flights are restricted to Dutch and EU citizens and require a negative PCR test result and voluntary quarantine at destination.

On Saturday, 107 passengers were denied boarding from Johannesburg to Amsterdam Schipol Airport because they did not meet the new requirements.

The European Commission has recommended that EU countries stop air traffic from the southern African region due to micron transformation. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke On Twitter on Friday.

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