Coronavirus North Korea plagues a wild corona epidemic: No vaccines, locals drink tea and gargle with salt water

The World Health Organization (WHO) has blamed North Korea for not having vaccines, corona tests and not even electricity.

North Korea announced on Wednesday that more than a million citizens have recovered from coronary infection. It was a week since the closed dictatorship acknowledged that there was a very large peak of the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

The news was reported by the international news agencies AP and Reuters.

On Wednesday, North Korean state media reported that 232,880 new cases of fever and six deaths had been reported in the country on Wednesday.

New ones the figures bring the number of infections to 1.7 million cases of fever from the end of April. 62 deaths have been recorded at the same time.

According to state media, 691,170 North Koreans are still in quarantine due to fever.

North Korea has an estimated population of 26 million.

Likely the lion’s share of cases of fever are caused by the Sars Cov2 virus, but there is no certainty. This is because there are not enough tests in North Korea.

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It is also likely that infection rates will be higher than reported because not everyone who is infected with the coronavirus will have symptoms – or especially fever.

According to the news agency AP, it is unclear or even suspicious how such a large number of people could have recovered, as North Korea is not known to have a coroner vaccination program. In addition, health care is in a weak spot anyway.

An image of a public security paramilitary force transmitted by the North Korean State Information Office. Troops gathered in a parade on the central square in the capital Pyongyang in September 2021 to celebrate its 73rd anniversary.

According to Reuters, only 34.6 percent of North Koreans had access to electricity last year.

In several states that have had a similar epidemic, death toll has fluctuated in the thousands. As North Korea is a dictatorship with no freedom of speech or press, the most likely conclusion is that the figures reported are not true.

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World health organization WHO commented on Tuesday that North Korea is a risk to others as well.

“The WHO has repeatedly said that if infections are not monitored, there is always a greater risk that new variants will develop,” said the WHO Emergency Director. Mike Ryan According to Reuters.

Ryan also pointed out that it is worrying if states do not use the tools that are now available to combat.

Ryan pointed out that North Korea does not have a coroner vaccination program. In addition to North Korea, of all WHO member states, only Eritrea has rejected the coroner vaccination program.

South Korea has provided vaccines to its neighbors, but so far North Korea has not received help. It is also unclear whether there would be enough trained personnel in North Korea to vaccinate citizens.

About the epidemic yes there is talk. North Korean state television, according to Reuters, has urged citizens to use painkillers such as ibuprofen or antibiotics like amoxilin.

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Antibiotics are used to cure bacterial diseases, but Korona is not a bacterium but a virus.

Reuters describes state television as interviewing locals, many of whom vowed in the name of traditional treatments. These included gargling with salt water, various teas such as ginger tea or tea made from willow leaves, and ventilating living quarters.

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