Coronavirus No new interest rate restrictions are coming to England this year, gatherings elsewhere in the UK have been restricted

The British health minister emphasized people’s personal responsibility in the worsening coronary situation.

In Britain No new interest rate restrictions are coming to England before the New Year, the British newspaper said. The Guardian and the news agency Reuters on Monday.

Government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have decided that no new restrictions will be introduced this year. According to The Guardian, this means that nightclubs and mass events can continue in England, while in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as around the world, attendance at events and gatherings is limited.

Minister of Health Sajid Javidin after the New Year, the situation and the need for restrictions will be re-examined. He emphasized people’s personal responsibility in the worsening corona situation and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

In England, for example, people have been urged to wear a mask indoors and take a corona test before meeting their parents or loved ones at risk.

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On Monday In the UK, 98,515 new coronary infections and 143 new coronavirus-related deaths were reported. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Midsummer Day, more than 100,000 infections were reported daily in Britain.

According to Javid, infections caused by the micron transformation account for about 90 per cent of all infections in England.

According to Reuters, the government has focused on looking at the number of coronary patients requiring hospital care. Recent research has suggested that self-infection would be less likely to lead to hospitalization.

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