Coronavirus Nearly 100,000 children have lost due to an older corona in Peru

Even a modest corona pension is missed by many families due to missing papers.

Liki The 100,000 children have lost at least one of their parents or the family’s main breadwinner after dying of a disease caused by the coronavirus, authorities said on Friday.

The Peruvian administration is trying to support the families of the coroners with a pension of 200 Sol (less than 45 euros), which is paid every two months. Minister for the Family Anahi Durandin according to him, it is impossible for many families to obtain this modest amount because they do not have the necessary documents.

“Many families lack a medical certificate stating Korona as the cause of death. During the first and second waves of coronavirus, people died at home, so they didn’t get a certificate, ”Durand said.

In Peru has died the most in terms of population during the pandemic. In Peru, with a population of 33 million, more than 200,000 people have died as a result of the coronavirus during the pandemic.

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Peru is currently experiencing the third wave of the corona and more than two million infections have been registered in the country.

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