Coronavirus More corona infections have been reported among European Championship tourists who have returned from St. Petersburg

Tourists who returned on Tuesday should take the second corona test no earlier than Midsummer Saturday.

In St. Petersburg Finnish football fans who have traveled have found a few additional infections on Midsummer’s Eve.

This was expected, as not all the samples taken at the Vaalimaa and Nuijamaa border station had been confirmed on Thursday.

The Kymenlaakso Association of Municipalities for Social and Health Services (Kymsote) and the South Karelia Social and Health District (Eksote) said on Thursday that a total of 86 coronary infections had been detected in samples taken at the Vaalimaa and Nuijamaa border stations.

Director of Health Services at Exote Tuula Karhula says 300 presumed race tourists were tested at the Nuijamaa border station on Tuesday. 16 of them have given a positive sample. About 900 samples were taken by nurturing. The results of all Vaalimaa samples have not yet been completed.

In Vaalimaa, the majority of those who gave a positive corona sample are young men from the Helsinki metropolitan area and south of the Pori-Tampere-Mikkeli axis.

Russia is one of the countries at risk for coronavirus disease, from which a person should be subject to voluntary quarantine and go to another coronary test no earlier than 72 hours after entry.

Those returning from St. Petersburg on Tuesday can thus go for another test no earlier than Midsummer Saturday.

Karhula claims that all those who traveled in St. Petersburg would follow the quarantine recommendation and take the test.

“A coronary infection that may have been acquired during the trip may not be visible when crossing the border, as the infection usually only appears five days after the infection,” Karhula reminds.

Health and the Department of Welfare (THL) said on Thursday that a total of almost a hundred coronavirus infections had already been diagnosed among Finns in St. Petersburg and that some travelers had not complied with the quarantine recommendations.

The threat of exposure particularly affects fifteen Neva Tours bus passengers, who were urged to apply for corona tests and avoid non-family contacts. The buses headed to different parts of Finland.

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THL has called for avoidance of travel to high-risk countries. Countries with an incidence of coronavirus disease of more than 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days are classified as risk countries.

According to the latest statistics, the number of infections in Russia has been 149 cases.

The number of infections in Russia has also increased, which is believed to be due to the spread of susceptible virus variants. The delta variant of the coronavirus, the so-called Indian virus variant, already accounts for about 40 percent of all infections in Russia

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Cherish The border crossing point was blocked on Tuesday evening, when there was not enough capacity for corona testing of football tourists returning to Finland. Some waited at the border for up to three hours.

However, some have also praised crossing the border as easy, but the reliability of testing in Russia has been pondered.



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