Coronavirus Minister Lintilä: The corona passport can be introduced in the autumn at the earliest, the test would be available free of charge

“I have no doubt that the problems cannot be solved if there is only the will to do so,” the Minister of Economic Affairs says. The government will negotiate a corona passport on Thursday.

Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (kesk) drives a corona passport to Finland, which could be used as a precondition for access to restaurants, events and gyms, for example. The scope must be relatively narrow, Lintilä says.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has prepared a memorandum, on the basis of which the government will negotiate the start of the preparation of a possible corona passport on Thursday.

The board will meet on Thursday in the afternoon to negotiate the deteriorating corona situation and any restrictions that may be needed in the coming months.

Corona passport would serve as evidence of two vaccines received, a negative test result, or coronary heart disease.

Even if the government decides to start preparing the corona passport, it would not be available very quickly.

“A corona passport needs its own law. It takes time to do. Parliament will come from the summer holidays in early September. The corona passport can be used in the autumn at the earliest, ”says Lintilä.

Minister of Economic Affairs according to him, the introduction of a corona passport would mean that the corona test should be accessed free of charge.

“One of the things to find out is how to organize free testing. We do not have a government mandate for an interest rate passport, so so far the Ministry of Employment and the Economy has clarified the passport from its own perspective. ”

The view of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy is that a corona passport could prevent restrictions and full closures on restaurants and events, for example. In this way, less public subsidies would also have to be distributed.

According to Lintilä, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and Culture and, above all, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health would also be involved in the preparation of the corona passport.

“Everyone knows there are numerous legal and other difficult points here. This is certainly easily obtained in a node. But I have no doubt that the problems cannot be solved if there is only the will. ”

Lintilän according to the virus variants in motion have changed the picture and increased uncertainty about the future. Simply updating the corona strategy is therefore not enough, he says.

Even if the introduction of the corona pass goes to October or November, for example, Lintilä believes that it will be useful.

The Minister of Economic Affairs expects that in Thursday’s talks, the government will be able to form a “common state of mind and notes on how to proceed with the corona passport with the various ministries”.

“There has understandably been little stagnant water here, and now it’s time to get moving.”

Parliamentary parties presidents widely support the corona passport, according to a poll conducted by HS on Tuesday.

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