Coronavirus Kauniainen, scorching in a bad situation, appeals to the residents that the Alpine corona throw would not be repeated in Lapland

Infections in Kauniainen have exploded in the last week, with 12 infections found in schools.

23.2. 13:25

Beauties the city’s corona infections have exploded in the past week, and 12 infections have been found in the city’s schools. This is a clear change from the previous one: in Kauniainen, as elsewhere in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in schools has been so far lots of exposure but few infections.

Typically, schools have had one infection, for example, which has resulted in a large number of students being quarantined for exposure. However, no actual follow-up infections have occurred in most cases. Now, however, this has happened in Kauniainen, probably due to a new British variant of the coronavirus.

“The situation is worrying,” says the mayor of Kauniainen Christoffer Masar.

Beauties the city announced on Monday that the total number of people infected with corona is currently 131. In the last two weeks, the number of infections has increased significantly, and the incidence rate is currently 260 per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. The figure is remarkably high nationwide and also in relation to the Hus region.

According to a city bulletin, there are more groups of infections and exposures have occurred extensively in schools and hobbies. According to the release, the virus variant seems to be spreading especially in younger age groups.

“Schools have had 12 infections in a week, and there are more than 200 exposed,” Masar says.

“Infections have been concentrated in Swedish-speaking secondary schools, and there have also been isolated cases in Swedish-speaking secondary schools and Finnish-speaking secondary schools. All indications are that the infections are due to the British variant of the corona transformation. ”

This week, the students are on a ski holiday, but next week the entire Swedish-speaking secondary school will be in distance education due to infections. Some Swedish-speaking primary and Finnish-speaking secondary school pupils are also in distance education.

There have been no actual infections in the hobbies but only exposures. There have been exposures, at least in the training of hockey and handball enthusiasts.

Masar says that there have been few serious cases requiring hospitalization in Kauniainen during the autumn and this spring. There is no evidence of serious cases of coronary infection among young people now infected.

“Although the infection situation is bad, our situation is good in the sense that the older age groups in care homes and home care have already received the first vaccine.”

In addition, Masar points out that although the number of infections is now relatively high, it is small in number in a city of about 10,000 inhabitants.

The Kauniainen website urges the city’s residents not to take the crown with them to Lapland or elsewhere in Finland.

“Last year, covid-19 was unknown and the people of Beauty unknowingly brought a crown from the alpine ski resorts. Now the situation is different: we know about the disease and how it spreads, as well as about preventing infections. Act responsibly, ”on the city’s website is written.

Appendix 23.2. at 1:43 p.m .: Confirmed in the story that there have been no actual infections in the hobbies but only exposures.


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