Coronavirus Jurisprudence: Not all travelers to St. Petersburg can be quarantined directly – Criticizes admission of tourists across the border without a test

Pauli Rautiainen, a university lecturer in social law, criticized the authorities for leaving some tourists untested at the border.

Everyone Tourists who have traveled to St. Petersburg cannot be directly quarantined under the Communicable Diseases Act, says a university lecturer in social law who is familiar with the Communicable Diseases Act. Pauli Rautiainen From the University of Eastern Finland.

The quarantine order is individual and is issued by the infectious disease physician of the municipality or hospital district on the basis of his or her medical assessment when the risk of spreading the disease is obvious.

A quarantine decision may be made for a person who has been found or has a reasonable suspicion of being exposed to coronavirus disease.

Pauli Rautiainen

“This can even be the case for everyone who has traveled in the same bus with a corona-positive person, if the doctor considers the probability of exposure based on his or her medical assessment,” says Rautiainen.

Rautiainen reminds that an official quarantine order differs from voluntary quarantine in that it is binding, its breach may result in a sanction and entitles it to a communicable disease daily allowance.

St. Petersburg Tourists who returned to Finland congested the interest rate tracking of many municipalities. In Helsinki, for example, about 144 tourists had given a positive corona sample by Saturday.

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There have been corona infections, especially among bus passengers, resulting in multiple passengers being exposed.

According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), all buses were exposed. However, some of the tourists traveled the trip either in their own car or by plane.

Head of Helsinki Health Centers Timo Lukkarinen said HS that there has been talk of racing tourists as to whether all people who have been traveled to St. Petersburg. According to Lukkarinen, the municipalities and THL held several meetings during the Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day.

HS was also informed on Sunday by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland that the possibility of making such a decision is currently being investigated.

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Dunnock says that the discussion that has just taken place is very similar to the autumn in Turku Discussion on Skopjen flights. At the time, there was uncertainty among the authorities as to who was responsible for the decision to test and issue quarantine orders.

According to him, the Infectious Diseases Act allows regional administrative agencies (AVI) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) to make a quarantine decision instead of a doctor in charge of infectious diseases in a municipality or hospital district if the situation is sudden and necessary.

In Rautiainen’s view, these criteria are no longer met after the start of infection tracing in municipalities.

“The powers of Avi and STM are limited to a sudden situation where, for some reason, the infectious disease doctors in charge of decision-making are unable to act.”

According to Rautiainen, the criteria could have been met at the border when it was decided to let some of the race tourists into the country without a test. In this case, the right authority to take the decision would have been the regional government agency.

Russia is one of the countries at risk for coronary heart disease, from which people should go for a health check at the border.

Due to the congestion, there was not enough capacity for corona testing for all, and some passengers were released from Russia to Finland without a corona test. Instead of being tested, they were directed to three days of voluntary quarantine and are advised to apply for a corona test in their home community.

There were more than a dozen buses and several cars crossing the border without the test.

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Rautiainen reminds that testing was a legal obligation of the authorities, as mandatory tests had been prescribed at the border.

“It’s hard to come up with any acceptable reason why testing was abandoned. Congestion and the desire to release people home quickly are not sufficient reasons for the authority not to carry out the prescribed health check at the border. “

In testing According to Rautiainen, such individual health information is created that can be used as a basis for infection tracing and thus also for a quarantine decision. He therefore considers that the authorities have failed to fulfill their legal obligations in this regard.

“At the eastern border, someone should have complained to the regional government agency that a situation has arisen where mandatory health checks cannot be carried out. In that case, the avian could, on the basis of a sudden situation, have been able to impose quarantine on those who could not be tested in that situation, at least until they were tested. ‘

When this was not done now, but time has passed, the criterion of abruptness defined in the Communicable Diseases Act no longer needs to, Rautiainen says.

Thus, those in St. Petersburg cannot be quarantined by a decision of the regional administrative authority or the STM, but the decision is made by the infectious disease physician of the municipality or hospital district on the basis of individual information found in the infection tracing.

THL: n Director of the Health Security Department Mika Salminen in an interview with HS on Saturday, recommended that each racer apply for a second test 72 hours after arrival in the country and remain in voluntary quarantine beforehand.



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