Coronavirus Juha-Matti Vuorinen, a golf teacher who got home and worked in Thailand, tells what it was like to be a prisoner in a quarantine room – HS was up against him when he was released

Thailand’s entry regulations are being renewed at a rapid pace, but there is no end to quarantine.

Bangkok / Hua Hin

In December Arrived in Bangkok from Finland Juha-Matti Vuorinen sat in his room as a prisoner for two weeks.

Or not quite, for after a week of sitting, he got outside daily under supervision for less than an hour. Outdoor activities had to be booked in advance with a mobile application.

A similar quarantine is ahead for other people going to Thailand, although entry at Christmas was a little easier. It’s still awkward.

Finns can now enter Thailand for 45 days without a visa, but the first 15 days must be spent in quarantine. In addition, a separate entry permit and many documents are required.

Golf teacher Vuorinen has been working in Thailand for most of the year for a decade. He is one of the few foreigners who has recently arrived in Thailand, and not as a tourist but with a work permit.

At the end of October, the country’s administration decided that one could enter Thailand with a so-called special tourist visa. In addition to the two-week quarantine, the entrant was required to book accommodation for at least three months. A two-month visa was also introduced in November.

In addition, the entrant must have extensive insurance to replace covid-19 disease treatment. Among other things, recent evidence of a negative coronavirus test must be provided.

The hotel yard outing Vuorinen saw the people, but the armored suit administrators saw to it that the distances were preserved.

In principle, Vuorinen could have agreed on a joint outdoor time with another hotel guest. Then one could have exchanged thoughts, from a distance.

“When nothing happened during the day, taking out the garbage bag was actually the biggest job. The cleaning could be ordered in three days. ”

When the cleaner came into the room, he looked as if he was wearing a spacesuit. Fever gauges and corona testers were also dressed. They and the outdoor entourage were Vuorinen’s only human contacts for two weeks.

HS was confronted when Vuorinen finally stepped out of the hotel and saw Thailand again. He immediately took a taxi and headed home to Hua Hin in the residential area of ​​Baan Finland. After unloading his belongings, he started his scooter and drove to get his female friend from work. After two weeks in solitary confinement in Thailand, he finally got to dinner with his partner.

Juha-Matti Vuorinen stepped out of the hotel after two weeks of mandatory and strict corona quarantine.­

Thailand admission restrictions are not easing, at least in the coming months. Minister of Sports and Tourism of the country Pipat Ratchakitprakan stated in Decemberthat entry restrictions remain in place until at least the end of March.

Passengers ’eyebrows were initially raised in November by the news that bank certificates of balance are required for both customized tourist visas.

After a few weeks, the balance requirement for a two-month visa was removed from the delegations’ pages, but a maximum of nine months for special tourist visas still requires a balance of EUR 6,000.

Two days after escaping quarantine, Vuorinen was on one of eight full-scale golf courses in the Hua Hin region. He had returned to work.

Despite the difficulties, there are still Finns in Thailand and especially in Hua Hin. Some stayed in Thailand for the summer after speculating that getting back could be difficult. On the right were.

Most of the customers learning mountain golf skills are now Thai, British and Swedish. Even Finns.

In addition to the courses, Vuorinen travels around Thailand when he evaluates golf courses and high-end accommodations.

“I’ll never be home for long,” he says. In the second year, he had more than 200 travel days.

A two-week quarantine of a mobile and social golf teacher in a hotel room required the development of a new day rhythm.

“For the first week, I was just in the room. In the latter week, the room had to be 23 hours and 15 minutes, ”Vuorinen says.

“It formed a certain kind of rhythm of life. I had to go to bed quite late, and I did quite a lot of teleworking in Finland. ”

Due to the time difference, he worked mainly in the evenings, and there was traffic on social media well into the night. “I didn’t go to bed until one night until one night and I didn’t wake up until half past one.”

It shortened the light time, and the days went faster.

Thailand is not easily accessible

From Finland the tourist still does not get to Thailand very simply. For example, a newcomer must have a certificate of insurance that reimburses covid-19 treatment for at least $ 100,000.

In addition, an entry permit must be obtained from the embassy before obtaining a tourist visa.

In addition to a negative corona test result less than 72 hours old, a medical certificate and a quarantine hotel reservation are required for the flight. The local application corresponding to the corona flasher must also be downloaded.

Juha-Matti Vuorinen was granted permission to enter easily. He has a work permit, work visa and a house in Thailand.

“The work permit is such a hard document that there were no problems.”

Entry Acts it is awkward for the average basic tourist, and it is also awkward for the experienced Thai visitor.

The regulations sometimes change very quickly and are updated on the websites of the embassies of different countries at different rates.

Quarantines and other formalities during the pandemic are likely to persist for a long time. At least their departure was not facilitated by an infectious cluster that spread from the fish market in Samut Sakhon, near Bangkok, and spread across the country during Christmas.

In the last couple of weeks, more than 3,000 new coronavirus infections have emerged in Thailand. There are a total of about 10,000 registered cases.


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