Coronavirus Infectious disease day claims are congested in the Helsinki metropolitan area: it can take up to a month to get a decision

In the metropolitan area, the queue in quarantine decisions that caused the previously high number of infections and exposed people is now being dismantled.

Infectious disease daily allowance there are delays in the metropolitan area.

An employee can receive an infectious disease daily allowance for loss of earnings if the doctor orders him or her to be absent from work, quarantined or isolated to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland pays infectious disease daily allowance to the employer if the employer has paid the employee a salary during the period of isolation or quarantine. If the employer has not paid the employee a salary during the period of isolation or quarantine, Kela will pay the infectious disease daily allowance directly to the employee.

An infectious disease daily allowance requires a decision from the doctor responsible for infectious diseases in the municipality or hospital district. Because of the coronavirus, a record number of decisions have been written this year, and there has been exceptional urgency in infectious disease units.

Helsinki chief physician of epidemiological activities Sanna Isosomppi says in an email that previously high levels of infections and exposure in the metropolitan area have caused delays in making isolation and quarantine decisions.

Now that the number of infections and exposed people has decreased, the queue for isolation and quarantine decisions can also be dismantled, Isosomppi says.

“We are currently posting the decisions made at the end of March and the beginning of April. Unfortunately, there are also decisions where the exposure took place a month ago. ”

According to Isosomp, there is a delay in some cases, especially if they have become known to the hospital district from another municipality.

“We fully understand that a month’s delay, for example, is too long. We do our best to speed up decision-making. ”

Some employers accept an employee’s own report of infection or exposure so that a formal decision is passed on to the employer afterwards. In all situations, however, this is understandably not possible, Isosomppi adds.

According to Isosomp, all those who wish will also be offered the opportunity to receive an isolation or quarantine decision via secure e-mail.

Also There is enough congestion on the reel. Currently, about 12,000 applications related to the communicable disease daily allowance are awaiting resolution, says Kela’s Benefits Manager Milla Kaitola.

According to Kaitola, it is a good idea to submit an application to Kela as soon as the order for quarantine or excretion has been notified and it is known that the benefit will be applied for even if there is no official quarantine decision.

“The resolution of applications is delayed by Kela’s missing information on loss of earnings for the period of the isolation or quarantine order. It is advisable to ask the employer to provide information on the loss of earnings to Kela as soon as possible. ”

The processing time for Kela’s application is approximately three weeks.

“There’s a lot of work to do, but pretty well we’ve stayed afloat compared to how many applications there are. Let’s try our best here too, just like everyone else. ”

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