Coronavirus In Upinniemi, 86 newcomers were transferred to isolation due to corona cases

Newcomers spend their isolation in tents, accommodation containers and barracks. However, the service is not expected to be suspended due to the corona.

Coast Brigade acting as chief of staff Heikki Heilalan According to the July arrivals, six of the newcomers who started their service in Upinniemi are currently diagnosed with coronavirus infection. They are all at the garrison health station for treatment or follow-up.

In addition, 83 exposed conscripts have been placed in solitary confinement. They are asymptomatic, according to Heilala, but have operated in the same conditions as corona-positive individuals.

“The rookies have brought asymptomatic infections to the brigade. When it is not yet known which variant is involved, we have to be very precise about the measures, ”says Heilala.

Isolated rookies are accommodated alternately in a barracks, tent, or accommodation container. They are provided with applied training, for example at long safety intervals.

Fresh however, according to Heilala, the training of conscripts is not likely to be interrupted. According to Heilala, each case of suspension of service is assessed individually.

According to Heilala, isolated beginners can take a shower, for example, and food needs are delivered to the accommodation. However, this is not yet the case for holidays.

“The guideline is that those who are isolated for the safety of society cannot be laid off. When the holidays are reached, we have the opportunity to even extend the duration of the conscripts’ holidays. ”

According to Heilala, the departments are also recycled, which means that the same people do not have to be in the tent all the time, for example.

If no new cases of corona occur, the first isolations will end in about a week, according to Heilala. However, according to him, the situation is alive, and the duration of isolation is considered according to the situation.

“There is a good understanding among conscripts as to why these isolation measures are being taken.”



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