Coronavirus In the future, ship passengers will also be able to be picked up with a vaccination certificate – Eckerö Line’s CEO considers the government’s decision to allow employees to enter only by flight to be illegal

According to Taru Keronen, CEO of Eckerö Line, the government’s decision last week to allow work-related travel from other EU or Schengen countries, but only by air, is clearly against EU law.

Shipowners will take on board passengers arriving in Finland who have a certificate of one dose of vaccine.

From Tuesday, you can travel if you have to show proof of a diseased corona, even one vaccine or a negative corona test.

The vaccine certificate does not yet guarantee entry, but the foreign traveler must follow the authorities’ instructions on test certificates and entry restrictions.

Shipping companies require that the vaccine be taken at least 21 days before the trip. No certificate is required for cruise passengers not visiting the countries.

Eckerö Line CEO Taru Keronen reports that the sector has so far followed the recommendations of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Now, however, the shipping companies have decided to follow the example of the airline Finnair that boarding can also be done with a coroner vaccination certificate.

Eckerö Line promises to inform customers prominently that access to the ship does not guarantee that a foreign passenger will enter Finland. Finnish citizens are allowed to leave and return to the country freely, but traveling abroad is not currently recommended.

“Those who visit Finland seem to be well informed. At the moment, it has not been possible to get to work in Finland except since Monday ”.

Government Last week’s decision to allow work-related travel from other EU or Schengen countries, but only by air, is unequivocally against EU law, according to Keronen.

In his opinion, a business trip should have been opened to Finland by all means of transport.

“It was a very ill-considered decision,” Keronen says.

He believes that no tourists will come to Finland this summer and not necessarily in the future because of the busy travel line now chosen.



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