Coronavirus In the coming weeks, Hus will open a service where the infected person can tell about possible exposure themselves

Attempts are made to speed up congested infection tracing with an online service where a person can report potentially exposed.

Helsinki and the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) is building a new service in which a person infected with a coronavirus can record information about potentially exposed people.

After receiving a positive result via text message, a person can provide pre-information to infection tracers in the service, ie, for example, the names and contact information of potentially exposed people. The aim is to make the service available by mid-September.

When the tracer then calls the infected person, he goes through the information provided in advance by the infected person during the call and completes it if necessary. A professional will assess who is considered exposed and who to contact, but Preliminary Information written by an infected person can speed up and facilitate tracing.

For example Already in the summer, people in Helsinki have been asked to enter on the online form the people they have been in contact with recently. Uusimaa has not had such an opportunity in all municipalities before.

The new Hus service could be introduced if desired by all municipalities in the hospital districts of Hus, Kymsote, Eksote and Päijät-Häme. Later, the same service can be used to prevent the spread of other infectious diseases.



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