Coronavirus In a nursing home in Vaasa, almost all residents have a coronavirus infection, including staff

The Vaasa Hospital District has by far the highest incidence rate of coronavirus infections in Finland.

Vaasa At the Kårkulla nursing home in Sundom, almost all residents have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. The nursing home has a total of nine residents, and eight of them have been diagnosed with the infection, confirms to STT the leading chief physician of the city of Vaasa Heikki Kaukoranta.

Coronavirus infections have also been reported in nursing home staff. There are 18 workers, and nine of them have been diagnosed with the infection. A total of 17 infections have been diagnosed. The newspaper first reported the infection cluster Ilkka-Pohjalainen.

It is not known with certainty how the coronavirus has spread in a nursing home.

“We in Vaasa have had a lot of disease and it is quite expected that at some point such a thing will happen. Whether it was a relative or an employee, it is difficult to say, ”Kaukoranta tells STT.

The hospital has one resident of a nursing home, Kaukoranta says his condition is not critical. According to Kaukoranta, other residents of the nursing home are well and are cared for in their own rooms.

The first infections were found in a nursing home on Tuesday. The entire unit was then quarantined.

According to Kaukoranta, the infection cluster in the nursing home that has now appeared has been limited to one unit.

“The staff has not been at work elsewhere, nor have the people who have come to replace this quarantined staff. They do not work in other nursing homes, ”Kaukoranta says.

Guidance on reducing visits has already been given in Vaasa nursing homes. According to Kaukoranta, the application for coronavirus tests on the basis of already small symptoms has also been emphasized.

According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the Vaasa Hospital District has by far the highest incidence rate of coronavirus infections in Finland. There are 348.0 cases of infection per one hundred thousand inhabitants in Vaasa, while the incidence rate in the Husi area of ​​the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital districts, for example, is 83.0 cases.

Vaasa’s coronavirus infection rates started to rise sharply about two weeks ago. Infection clusters originated from student events.

In Finland 131 new coronavirus infections have been reported on Sunday, says THL. 2,886 infections have been reported in two weeks, which is 1,328 more than in the previous two weeks.

A total of 13,424 coronary infections have been confirmed in Finland.


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