Coronavirus HSL: Masks are still conscientiously used in public transport in the Helsinki metropolitan area

A significant reduction in the use of face masks in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area has not been seen, at least in public transport in the Helsinki region or in the S Group’s grocery stores.

The greater part people still use face masks, at least in the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) means of transport, despite the summer heat and the improved disease situation.

This is evident from the statistics received by Helsingin Sanomat from HSL, based on which the use of passenger masks has not changed significantly recently. In recent weeks, more than 80 percent of HSL’s passengers continued to wear masks, for example on the bus, subway and tram.

The information collected by HSL on the utilization rate of the masks is based on the observations made by the ticket inspectors.

The figures peaked last spring after a mask ban imposed by HSL, when more than 90 per cent of passengers, according to statistics, wore a mask when traveling.

The mask obligation for all passengers over the age of 12 has been in force on HSL’s means of transport since 13 March 2021. Mandatory does not apply to those who have a health barrier to wearing the mask.

Also In the case of grocery stores, the utilization rate of masks appears to be relatively unchanged, at least from the S Group’s point of view.

Head of SOK’s Risk Management Unit Mikko Koskinen according to which there are no accurate statistics on the use of masks, but no significant change is observed.

“At least there have been no messages from the field that the use of masks has been significantly reduced.”

There is no actual mask obligation in the S Group’s stores, but the instructions on the use of masks are still valid and, according to Koskinen, the matter is actively communicated.

According to him, the mask guidelines follow the views of the authorities, and at least no changes to the guidelines are yet planned.

“We will closely monitor the development of regional recommendations and restrictions, which will then be addressed as necessary.”



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