Coronavirus How did you manage to manage the corona crisis? A report commissioned by the government criticizes the flow of information between the authorities, a live broadcast is underway

The report presents findings on how to deal with a pandemic situation, as well as twelve recommendations on, among other things, crisis management approaches.

Accident Investigation Board (Otkes) has completed its study examining the management of a coronavirus pandemic in Finland. Otkes makes a total of 12 security recommendations concerning, among other things, the development of the state’s crisis management system and information flow.

The investigation team recommends that the state’s crisis management model be reformed. The model should ensure that open and adequate collaboration and leadership are initiated in a timely manner. There is also a need for a pre-planned, full-time body to ensure that things are prepared, implemented and actively monitored in a crisis situation.

“Management was not organized according to the management model described in the society security strategy, which caused some problems. It is worth developing the model based on the experience gained, ”says the head of the investigation team, the lead researcher Kai Valonen From the Accident Investigation Board.

Otkes’ investigation revealed problems in the interaction between the central government and the administration, regions and municipalities. The Otkes investigation team therefore recommends that an operating model for the exchange of information between the state administration, regions and municipalities be built. The idea is that the snapshot can be collected and shared and decisions and planned actions can be communicated.

Government last September, it instructed Otkes to consider the first phase of the corona pandemic, which ended in July 2020, as an exceptional occurrence within the meaning of the Accident Investigation Act.

Otkes assembled a group of experts for the assignment, led by a leading researcher Kai Valonen Otkesista.

The report of the investigation team has been in a round of opinions this spring and will be handed over to the Minister of Justice when it is published. Anna-Maja to Henriksson (r).

Ministry of Justice According to the report, the investigation team presents a number of findings regarding the management of the pandemic situation.

In addition, the report makes twelve recommendations on, inter alia, crisis management policies and information flow, competencies and preparedness, as well as access to information and the capacity to rapidly develop new digital solutions.

The recommendations are addressed to different sectors of government.

The aim of the Otkes safety recommendations is to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents and to improve public safety.

OTKES is a safety investigation authority operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice. Its investigation does not clarify possible criminal liability.



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