Coronavirus How are transaction interest rate limits monitored? A concert was held at the Shipyard in Helsinki on the weekend, where hundreds of people packed together

Mayor Jan Vapaavuori hopes that in the future the event organizers will adhere more strictly to the restrictions: “Now it is important to understand the responsibility of each person himself, so that there is no need to categorically deny larger opportunities.”

Event organizer active care must be taken to ensure that interest rate restrictions are implemented during the event, says the regional government agency (avi).

For example, in concerts, the organizer has to make sure that people don’t spend time too close to each other. If the audience is packing together, for example, the steward must intervene and break up the audience.

However, people in the same group get to dance close to each other, for example. Law enforcement officers must therefore strive to distinguish between different groups that are too close together.

“It’s not an easy task,” says the head of the alcohol administration unit of the Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency. Riku-Matti Lehikoinen.

Events corona safety sparked a debate over the weekend when videos and pictures of a concert held at the event center in the shipyard in Helsinki on Friday spread on social media.

A concert was held at the Shipyard in Hernesaari, the two main performers of which were the Dutch dj Sefa and the Dutch duo Sound Rush. Based on the videos and pictures taken from the event, no safety gaps have been held at the concert, and a large portion of the audience has not had masks.

Among other things, the SDP MP Who is Linden shared a video of the event on Twitter.

“At parties like this (Helsinki yesterday), there is a huge risk of a # corona spread. Irresponsible. As the epidemic spreads, responsible entrepreneurs, restaurants and society as a whole will suffer, ”Lindén wrote in connection with the video.

Rebel Hell Entertainment, the host of the event, confirms to HS that the video shared by Lindén was shot at Friday’s concert.

Also the mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori (kok) tweeted on Saturday.

“A video is being shared in Some, which is said to be about yesterday’s party in Helsinki. No information on coronary safety. Today is reportedly continuing. Such disregard is infuriating. Endangering human health and the livelihoods of thousands. The matter is under investigation. “

Free mountain informs HS that it had been in contact with the regional government agency about the incident.

“From the videos, it seems clear that the instructions have not been followed at the event. This must not happen again, ”says Vapaavuori.

Uusimaa is currently in a so-called accelerating phase with regard to the corona epidemic. According to Avi’s regulations, public events may be held during the acceleration phase, but the number of participants must be limited to half the normal number of seats.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the event organizer to take care of safety distances and hygiene practices.

During the acceleration phase, restaurants should stop serving at 10 pm and close at 11 pm. Guests can take in up to half of the maximum number.

The restaurant industry interest group Mara has repeatedly pointed out that the new space restrictions put bars and restaurants in a very difficult financial situation.

Among other things, the deputy mayor of Helsinki Nasima Razmyar (sd) highlighted on Twitter over the weekend that entrepreneurs struggling with strict restrictions would find themselves in an unfair position if events were held elsewhere where the crown guidelines did not materialize.

“This is outrageous and irresponsible. And the bill is paid by those who follow the rules, ”Razmyar tweeted.

According to Vapaavuori, there is an internal contradiction in the corona restrictions. At the same time, when, for example, small seating cups have to limit their number of customers to a few dozen and close early at events, situations can arise where hundreds of people dance close to each other.

“The set of different restrictions and recommendations is confusing and not entirely logical,” says Vapaavuori.

Vapaavuori hopes that the situation on Friday will be learned and that the event organizers will take stricter compliance in the future.

“There are so many events and occasions in Helsinki that they cannot be monitored all the time. Now it is important to understand the responsibility of each person himself, so that there is no need to categorically deny bigger opportunities. ”

Rebel CEO of Hell Entertainment Harri Andersson says 500 tickets had been sold for Friday’s concert. The yard can normally accommodate 1,100 people, which means that the number of spectators was less than half the maximum.

According to Andersson, the concert had a mask recommendation, free masks were distributed at the door and handicrafts were on display. The crown instructions had been announced in advance at the time of ticket purchase and on site at the Shipyard.

The yard also had chairs and tables for more than 500 people. According to Andersson, some people sat during the concert.

Thus, according to Andersson, the corona restrictions had been taken care of in other ways, but the disintegration of the mass of people according to Avi’s instructions had not been done enough in all situations on the basis of the video.

“Efforts have been made to address the short-term encounters that took place during the event, but it has been very difficult to distinguish between the parties and the boundaries of the parties. We are sorry that we have not been better able to prevent short-term encounters. Short-term encounters may happen when the main artist arrives on stage or leaves the stage, this is exactly the situation seen in the video, ”Andersson says.

Also the event center leading the shipyard Niko Hallamäki confirms that those security measures had been taken on Friday. According to Hallamäki, the avi had visited the site the previous Saturday and found the event centre’s corona instructions to be appropriate.

Avi oversees events with liquor. Supervision of other events is the responsibility of the police.


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