Coronavirus High school students have not just been seen in school, although contact teaching is offered – Teachers say a “hybrid school” can even be detrimental to both

Mari Aalto, the principal of Tikkurila High School, estimates that the model may even cause more harm than good to both abuses and teachers.

22.1. 16:03

Helsinki, High school students studying at Vantaa and Espoo high schools have been able to return to contact teaching this week. However, few have wanted to.

“We estimate less than 20 percent have come back. There have also been situations where a teacher has come to an empty classroom, ”says the principal of Tikkurila High School Mari Aalto.

Due to the worsening of the corona epidemic, secondary students switched entirely to distance learning in early December. Last week, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group however, gave high school graduates special permission to return to contact education.

The reason is the approaching student writings. Conditions at home are not equally favorable for students to study.

Thus, in the name of equality, teaching is currently carried out as hybrid teaching, which means that lessons can also be followed at home.

However, prior to student transcripts beginning in March, high school students are recommended to volunteer for two weeks of quarantine. Therefore, the contact teaching period will be two weeks long.

Tikkurilan high school mother tongue teacher Heidi Kivimäki held a lesson on Wednesday, attended by three Abians. On Thursday, four young people sat in the desks.

“I think it’s a bit cosmetic that due to two weeks, we will return to part-time education,” Kivimäki says.

The hybrid period lasts only two weeks with abe, as a mandatory quarantine must be maintained before writing.

Kivimäki now has three mother tongue courses for high school graduates. They have a total of 76 students. Since the classes have been almost empty, he has decided to practically continue distance learning – even though he is present in the classroom.

He tries to keep the concern that distance learning students can receive teacher support between the two. Many have indicated that they do not want to come to contact because of the risk of coronavirus.

According to Kivimäki, many teachers have to ball a lot more between students at home and in the classroom.

“For example, in a math course, there have been more students on site, so the teacher has to pay attention to both. My own courses are currently self-paced writing courses that make it easier to help students remotely. ”

Tikkurilan high school principal Aalto estimates that the model may even cause more harm than good to both abe and teachers. Teachers have to do extra work when it comes to planning two different classes. On top of all that, the effort seen in planning a contact lesson is wasted if no one comes to the scene.

The teachers’ union OAJ has also criticized the hybrid model. According to the organization, teaching suffers.

“The situation is problematic for the work of a teacher. In our opinion, it is not possible to implement high-quality distance and distance education at the same time. High-quality distance or contact teaching requires that the teacher can fully focus on providing it, ”OAJ’s specialist Tuomo Laakso notes in the release.

In high schools there is no uniform guidance on whether a teacher can ask in advance which students are coming to the scene. According to HS, intelligence is banned in some schools.

At Tikkurila, teachers have tried to find common solutions with students. If no one wants to come, it can be agreed together that the teaching will only take place online.

So far, however, the situation is unclear. Students who have announced their arrival to the place are not required to attend contact teaching.

“Teachers have been concerned that this good preparation time is now being wasted here, when teaching takes place in two different systems,” says Aalto.

Even many students do not believe that they will get the necessary benefits from contact teaching in just two weeks. They have had time to get used to the new rhythm of the day, and because of such a short time, it is not necessarily bothering to go to school.

Aalto says that he talked to students. According to him, among those who have returned to school, there are also those who have had a genuine concern about coping with certain subjects. Now they have been able to ask questions that are unclear directly from teachers, which is a positive thing.

On the other hand, it is impossible to know how many people in need have stayed home. Many problems remain invisible at this time.

“Those who have done well know that they are able to prepare themselves. For some, the lack of a peer group may be of greater concern, but it is not visible to us, ”says Aalto.

“We don’t know if those who need to come are coming here.”

Graduate Elina Vuorela arrived at Tikkurila High School on Friday for contact teaching in mathematics.

“Distance learning easily makes you feel like trying to ask only the most necessary things,” Vuorela explains.

It is mathematics that makes it easier for him in contact teaching because it is easier to ask for help in class. Vuorela also has Swedish and mother tongue in its schedule. He prefers to spend these hours at home.

“For example, in the mother tongue, you can often do even better when you can write in your own peace.”

Distance learning has been found increase inequality. According to a report published in December by the National Center for Educational Assessment (Karvi), the importance of home support increased, especially in primary and secondary education.

Life management problems, learning difficulties, and different opportunities to study at home reinforce differences between learners.

According to the principal of Tikkurila High School, the nausea of ​​students has increased.

“Currently, the problems are piling up. We have found that many now have a lot of concern for themselves and loved ones. On top of that, high school studies are still challenging, ”says Aalto.


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