Coronavirus Greta Thunberg called on governments and vaccine manufacturers for equality in the distribution of coronary vaccines: “We must first help those who are most vulnerable”

A Swedish climate activist donated one hundred thousand euros from his foundation to a project that takes vaccines to the poorest countries.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg calls on governments and vaccine developers to address inequalities in the distribution of vaccines so that those at risk in poor countries are not forgotten. 18-year-old Thunberg also donated one hundred thousand euros from his foundation to the Covax project, which aims to achieve global equality in vaccine distribution.

“The international community needs to address more the tragedy of vaccine inequality,” Thunberg said on Monday, according to news agency AFP. “Just like in a climate crisis, we must first help those who are most vulnerable.”

World The Covax project, under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO), aims to ensure that 92 of the world’s poorest countries have access to coronary vaccines. Costs are borne by external funders.

Covax has already distributed more than 39 million vaccines. The goal is to vaccinate a third of the people in the poorest countries by the end of this year.

To date, 900 million vaccines against coronavirus infections have been administered worldwide. Of these, about 48 percent are distributed in high-income countries, home to only 16 percent of the world’s population. Only 0.2 per cent is distributed among the 29 lowest-income countries, home to about nine per cent of the world’s population.

On Thursday, Covax launched a funding campaign in which it asks funders for $ 2 billion in coroner vaccines. Of that amount, $ 400 million was raised as early as Thursday.

“It’s completely unethical for high-income countries to now vaccinate young and healthy people if this happens at the expense of at-risk groups in poorer countries,” Thunberg said at a remote conference, according to AFP.

Thunberg rose to global fame when he launched a school strike at the age of 15 to draw attention to the climate crisis. He demonstrated every Friday in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. Thunberg’s activism received worldwide attention.

Thunberg said he does not support a vaccine strike for young people in rich countries, that is, a refusal to receive vaccines because of the unequal distribution of vaccines worldwide.

“This is not a problem caused by individuals. This is a problem that is up to the international community, governments and vaccine developers to solve, ”Thunberg told reporters.

“If you encouraged individuals not to take the vaccine, it would send a completely wrong message.”

In December The 2019 coronavirus pandemic in China has so far killed more than three million people worldwide. Experts say the new virus is likely to spread from wildlife through some intermediary animal to humans. It is speculated that Chinese wildlife markets have contributed to the spread of the virus to humans.

“We are likely to experience more frequent and devastating pandemics unless we radically change our lifestyles and the way we treat nature,” Thunberg said.

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