Coronavirus Government still modifies entry pattern, THL says one dose of vaccine could exempt from tests

The answer is now sought as to when it would be safe to waive the requirement for a second test and quarantine.

Government has not yet agreed on all the details of the new entry model. The presentation is still being modified on the basis of feedback.

The aim was to have the proposal sent to Parliament at the Government session on Thursday so that there was enough time for its consideration before the summer break.

The draft law will be discussed in the Sote Ministerial Group on Thursday.

BTI is told that the differences of opinion are not large and there have been no major changes to the draft since the statements.

Ministers have debated along the way how much the proposal emphasizes health security and how much opening up tourism from an economic point of view.

June the draft, which returned from the consultation at the beginning, would allow entry without further testing for anyone who has to provide a reliable pre-obtained certificate of a complete vaccine series or a diseased corona for the last six months.

If a passenger is on the move with only a negative pre-test result or has received only one vaccine, he or she would have to take a new test in Finland after three days and should be in voluntary quarantine in the meantime. This demand has received strong criticism, especially from the tourism industry.

According to BTI, it is now being considered when it would be safe to waive this requirement for a second test and quarantine.

Health and the National Institute for Welfare (THL) was of the opinion that even those with only one dose of vaccine could be admitted without testing, even if two vaccines were needed.

This would reduce the burden of testing on municipalities and facilitate travel.

“The proposal does not take sufficient account of the increase in vaccination coverage of Finland’s own population, which makes it possible to reduce health safety measures, especially among the elderly and medical risk groups, for example by waiving testing for passengers who have received a partial vaccination without significantly compromising health security.” Mika Salminen write.

However, the THL does not comment on when vaccination coverage would be at this level. The presentation is now seeking an answer to that timing, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health says.

Fixed – term the bill was supposed to be in force until the end of May next year, but this too is still under consideration.

The European Union’s common corona certificate is also due to enter into force at the beginning of July. However, Member States will continue to decide independently whether, for example, they require only one or two doses of vaccine for admission.



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