Coronavirus Google and Facebook are introducing a vaccine force for workers returning to offices

U.S. technology giants are postponing the date by which telecommuters should return to corporate offices.

Technology giants Google and Facebook are demanding that U.S. employees be vaccinated against the coronavirus before returning to the company’s outlets.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told the company on Wednesday on the blog. Pichai writes that the vaccine requirement applies to employees at the company’s U.S. locations and that the requirement will later be extended to Google’s locations outside the U.S.

Shortly after Google’s announcement, Facebook also issued a statement with the same content, says US public service broadcaster NPR on its website.

According to NPR, others Apple and Amazon have so far refused the vaccine requirement. Microsoft has said internally, according to media reports, that it will not require the vaccine as a condition of returning to the office, but the top management of the software giant has urged employees to take the vaccine.

Google Pichai also said in a blog post that the search engine giant has postponed the date on which the offices should return, from September to mid-October due to the spread of the coronavirus delta variant.

Other U.S. technology giants have also reported similar deferrals, according to NPR.



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