Coronavirus Five coronavirus deaths during the week in a nursing home in Sodankylä

No new coronavirus infections have been identified in the last two mass trials.

In Sodankylä the coronavirus chain spread in the care unit for the elderly has already resulted in the deaths of five people this week, the Lapland community says in a press release. The dead are a unit of enhanced service housing for the elderly from the Nutukka department.

The coronavirus previously spread to two Nutukkaa wards. A total of 11 residents and ten staff members have been infected.

“This is really sad news. The dead have been at high risk, they have been elderly and they have had underlying diseases, Lapland Central Hospital’s Chief Infectious Disease Markku Broas commented on the matter Ylelle.

Mixed residents that the staff has been tested regularly and no new infections have been detected in the last two mass tests this week. By Saturday afternoon, no new infections had been detected.

A total of 56 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in Sodankylä, and the chain of infection that has spread in the locality has calmed down.

The newspaper was the first to report Lapin Kansa.


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