Coronavirus Finland will be left at Sweden’s feet with vaccination support for poor countries: “Countries give what they can”, comforts former EU leader José Manuel Barroso, who has become a vaccine lobbyist

The Portuguese, who led the EU Commission, is persuading rich countries to focus their efforts on corona care for the world’s poorest people.

“I don’t organize beauty contests between Finland, Norway or Denmark ”, a top Portuguese influencer José Manuel Durão Barroso answers the HS question in Lisbon.

“There is no order of precedence. Countries give what they can. ”

This is a disproportionate Nordic subsidy for the international distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, more specifically the Gaville Association and the Covax mechanism. It procures and distributes vaccines, especially in poor countries.

Finland joined Gavi last year and promised € 2.5 million in general support. During this year, Finland will also grant ten million euros, which Gavi will use to procure vaccines for poor countries. Through the Covax mechanism, Finland has decided to donate 3.65 million unused doses of vaccine.

Norway and Sweden, on the other hand, have been a spectacular supporter of the vaccine alliance for a long time. The global support promised by the countries and the direct and indirect Covax commitments total more than € 1 billion between 2021 and 2025.

Barroso has served as chairman of Gavi’s board since the beginning of the year and is also a member of Covax’s presidency.

“The Nordic countries have traditionally been our strongest supporters. Norway is Gavi’s largest donor in terms of population, ”says Barroso.

Norway, Sweden and Finland have a joint representative with the Netherlands on Gros’ board under Barroso.

José Manuel Barroso photographed in Lisbon last Friday.

To the blue wearing a blazer and a tie-free collared shirt, Barroso, 65, has hardened in tough international negotiations. It was he who, as President of the European Commission, led the Member States through the severe financial and economic crisis ten years ago. The Barroso season covered the years 2004-2014.

He has now been entrusted with a new crisis management role under Gavi. The aim is to save as many lives as possible from the coronavirus through vaccine cooperation, especially in the poorest countries. According to Barroso, the people of the African continent in particular have been left behind by the rich in the largest and most challenging immunization operation in world history.

“The injustice is screaming. It is estimated that at least 70% of citizens in affluent countries have already been vaccinated, while only 2.3% of people in the lowest income countries have received vaccine protection. “

Barroso has arrived to tell foreign journalists working in Portugal about this position of trust.

“Unpaid,” he emphasizes.

Vaccine alliance the task is to obtain vaccines, especially for children, in 92 low- and middle-income countries. Gavi buys vaccines through public and private monetary donations. Attempts are being made to introduce vaccines even in areas where primary care is the most fragile. WHO was founding Gavia 20 years ago. The organization is headquartered in Geneva.

The corona pandemic erupted into a global emergency and competition to purchase covid-19 vaccines. The WHO, Gavi, Unicef ​​and the epidemic preparedness coalition Cepi therefore kicked off an arrangement called Covax a year ago. It was intended to speed up the development and equitable distribution of coronary vaccines.

“Covax’s idea has been to agree with vaccine manufacturers to buy such large batches at once that they will be available cheaply and at the same time to the widest possible audience. The population of the poorest countries is guaranteed free coroner vaccines, ”Barroso explains.

The international weight of Gavin and Covax is indicated by the fact that they were bet together with the WHO to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

But the Covax mechanism has fallen far short of the ideals of solidarity and the temporal goals of vaccine coverage. According to Barroso, there are several reasons.

Purchasing power states, such as the United States and EU countries, first hoarded vaccines for themselves. Pharmaceutical companies play a preference for those who pay the most.

“Rich countries were able to anticipate and haul vaccines up to four or six times more than the need to vaccinate their own citizens,” Barroso tells the press at the magnificent Portuguese Foreign Ministry palace.

He is therefore hardening both the great industrialized countries and the EU decision-makers to concentrate resources on the hastily needy in a hurry.

“We haven’t won a pandemic.”

Here lobbying skills are also being further honed. After leaving the presidency of the European Commission, Barroso became an advisor to Goldman Sachs, a US investment bank. It’s still one of his jobs.

Critics say Barroson was washed by stretching the ethical limits set by the Commission on lobbying, even though he did not violate the one-and-a-half-year quarantine. He has worked at Goldman Sachs ’London office since 2016.

Now Barroso has had time to run two high-level fundraising campaigns on behalf of Covax. Their popularity has surprised.

Covax is now managing the world’s largest budget of € 8.6 billion to buy coronary vaccines, he says.

“There would be money, but there are no vaccines on the market.”

The shortage is the result of hoarding and now, in particular, the export ban imposed by India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. Covax entered into the majority of purchase agreements specifically with Indian manufacturers.

Barroso says he understands to a certain point that India is securing vaccines for its own citizens, as the giant state has been ravaged by a huge tragedy of infections.

“Fortunately, India promises us that possibly the temporary export ban will be lifted in October.”

Representatives of Covax appeal that states would continue to donate both money and vaccines. However, the delivery of vaccine doses should be committed in a timely manner, he recalls.


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