Coronavirus EK calculates that in the best case, 80 percent of Finns have already been vaccinated in July

Regarding the summer, many decisions have to be made already in March, reminded EK’s Häkämies.

EC calculates that, at best, 80 per cent of Finns have already been vaccinated in July. In EK’s most pessimistic scenario, on the other hand, vaccine coverage of 80% will not be achieved until September.

The calculations were presented by EK on Wednesday, where it urged decision-makers to take more determined steps to vaccinate the people effectively and to plan, for example, the lifting of restrictions in good time.

For example, such a three-month difference between scenarios would mean an impact of at least two billion on GDP. That is why there is a hurry.

At the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, the matter has been considered by its Restart working group. The name comes from the resumption of economic growth and, according to the group, will only succeed if vaccination is successful.

This, in turn, requires strong nationwide guidance of the vaccination process and the involvement of occupational health care, EK’s CEO Jyri Häkämies said. According to him, a forward-looking perspective is needed now, because people are already already tired of the situation.

“For the summer, many decisions have to be made as early as March, such as whether to host summer events,” he said at the event.

“There’s a rush and a turnaround in the coming weeks.”

He emphasized the role of occupational health in effective vaccination. According to him, occupational health must be included in the vaccination of working-age people throughout the country and the distribution of vaccines must be planned centrally, efficiently and uniformly.

It would also be important to have a digital vaccination certificate so that companies can travel and people can travel next summer.

He patted companies to help authorities develop solutions through, for example, a debit card system and mobile applications. The EU and the WHO say he is too slow for this.

Such a vaccine certificate should also allow travel without quarantine and testing, according to the EC, if supported by medical evidence.

And when vaccine coverage improves, Häkämies must look at the time when restrictions can be lifted.

“In order for us to be ready in time, the planning of the lifting of constraints and the necessary support measures must begin now. As vaccination coverage develops, restrictions need to be lifted gradually so that we can catch up, ”Häkämies says.


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