Coronavirus “Difficult to manage” infection chains at Helsinki Shipyard – mandatory inspections for employees

The employees of Helsingin Shipyard oy’s Hernesaari shipyard have been diagnosed with numerous coronavirus infections during the autumn. According to the avi’s release, the shipyard’s own measures have not been sufficient to contain the epidemic.

Southern Finland The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) has ordered mandatory health inspections at Helsinki Shipyard in Helsinki’s Hernesaari for coronavirus infections. Avi says it in a press release.

Coronavirus infections detected during the fall have caused extensive and difficult-to-manage chains of infection, avi says.

According to Avi, all employees of the shipyard and its subcontractors must participate in a mandatory health inspection organized by the City of Helsinki, which may include a corona test.

Avi’s decision is valid from Thursday until the end of January 2022.

Mandatory corona testing aims to break the supply chains and bring the epidemic situation at the shipyard site under control.

Helsinki The Shipyard shipyard employs more than a thousand people, most of whom are employees of subcontractors.

The large number of subcontractors, the number of workers from abroad, also from low vaccine coverage countries, and the turnover of workers have made it difficult to manage the epidemic.

Voluntary testing or targeting only one individual employee at a time is not estimated to be a sufficiently effective measure, the release says.

According to the avin’s release, the shipyard’s own measures have not been sufficient to contain the epidemic, and the epidemic has already proved to be one of the largest infection chains in Helsinki throughout the pandemic.

Mandatory health checks for those working at the shipyard should be able to continue until the epidemic situation is under control, the release says.

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