Coronavirus Department store Kärkkäinen urged its employees not to take the coroner vaccine – HS asked experts how to talk about employee vaccinations in the workplace

According to Antti Koivula, Director General of the National Institute of Occupational Health, there is a “new gray area” in the workplace regarding asking for and sharing vaccine information.

Whereby ways can an employer instruct its employees to take an coroner vaccine?

Many may have been left wondering the issue when the CEO of the department store company Kärkkäinen Juha Kärkkäinen urged employees not to take the coroner vaccine.

Originally with news Iltalehti according to Kärkkäinen calls the vaccines dangerous and invokes the side effects reported from the vaccines.

HS asked the experts if the employer could instruct its employees to take or not take the coroner vaccine. Or can I even ask about vaccination status?

To the question the answer is whether the employer can oblige the employee to take the coroner vaccine, the answer is Professor Emeritus of Labor Law at the University of Turku Seppo Koskisen according to no.

“An employer can inform about vaccinations from the point of view of occupational safety without taking a position on whether or not the employee is taking the vaccine. Whether or not a worker takes the vaccine is a personal decision. ”

According to Koskinen, the employer cannot oblige the employee to state whether the employee has received an coronary vaccine.

“It is up to the employee to decide what to do with their own health information. If the employee voluntarily wants to provide the information, then there is no problem. There is no legislation requiring the employer to provide his or her own health information. ”

According to Koskinen, the exception is work tasks that are subject to the provisions of the Communicable Diseases Act.

Many Employers are positive about coronary vaccines and can encourage their use, but the call must not be an order, according to Koskinen.

In the Kärkkäinen department store, instead of taking the coronary vaccine, they were encouraged not to take it. Koskisen’s position is that the employer should be neutral on this issue.

“If an employer places too much emphasis on only known side effects, then I don’t think it’s neutral information.”

Institute of Occupational Health director general Antti Koivulan according to the employer, employees should not be required to receive an interest rate vaccine, as this would interfere with an individual’s constitutional rights. Any exceptions, he said, should be made by the authority.

The employer, on the other hand, says he can ask for an coronary vaccine, although it cannot be demanded.

“I think in this matter we are in a new gray area. After all, health information is very much private. ”

In Koivula’s opinion, the discussion environment in general is currently different from, for example, other vaccines, as some people talk about their own coronary vaccination voluntarily and openly.

“Whether or not a vaccine is being discussed is now much more widely discussed than in the past. It makes it difficult to manage the situation when there is such initiative. ”

Different in the workplace, the coroner vaccine is also discussed in very different ways, he said. According to Koivula, the call for a coronary vaccine can be interpreted differently in different work communities.

“I think the big question is at what point is calling on the employer seen as an exercise of the employer’s control. This is a very difficult legal issue. ”

In general, according to Koivula, we now live in a time of uncertainty regarding the corona, where things are interpreted differently.

“I think the criteria for what is right or wrong is currently being determined through social debate.”



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