Coronavirus Crown cases among young people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area quadrupled in just a week – the virus is now spreading, especially at parties

According to Hus, the incidence of 15–19-year-olds more than quadrupled last week compared to the previous week.

Coronavirus is now spreading rapidly among young people in Uusimaa. The incidence of the disease in the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) has increased sharply in recent weeks.

According to Hus, the incidence of the disease among young people aged 15–19 more than quadrupled last week compared to the previous week. The same number of infections was found last week in the 20-29 age group. However, in this age group, infection rates have not increased significantly in the last three weeks.

The rate of spread of the virus was considerable last week: the number of cases increased by a total of 35 per cent.

Young there are worrying and reassuring features to the epidemic, says Hus, Chief Infectious Disease Asko Järvinen.

What is appalling is that, especially among 19-year-olds and younger, the disease seems to be spreading right now mainly from young people to other young people.

Thus, the virus does not now appear to be spreading to the same extent to older age groups living in the same household or close circle. According to Järvinen, it is also reassuring that the coronavirus very rarely leads to hospitalization in young people.

“At the individual level, there is always the risk of getting a serious form of the disease. The risk is quite small, but it exists, ”says Järvinen.

What is worrying, on the other hand, is that there is an abundance of delta modification in juvenile cases that spreads easily.

There is also some evidence that in some cases the virus also spreads to vaccinated individuals.

Virus spread among young people, especially because they are still largely unvaccinated. In addition, according to Järvinen, cases of the disease also seem to be related to the behavior of young people.

The virus is now spreading in restaurants and bars as well as private parties. Restaurants and bars have been the most common site of infection since last week after related party infections, with 17 percent of infections associated with restaurants. Private parties have also been a major source of infection in about 7% of cases.

During the weekend, it was also reported that customers were exposed to the coronavirus at several times in June – July at the Helsinki Swimming Stadium.

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According to Järvinen, the coronavirus spreading among young people comes at a particularly unfortunate time, as young people are currently being vaccinated in all cities in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Young people’s enthusiasm for vaccination has had to be raised through an extensive advertising campaign, as young people did not apply for corona vaccinations very diligently, at least when vaccinations began.

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However, the young people are quite positive about vaccination, says the Deputy Mayor of Vantaa Timo Aronkytö. According to him, the biggest bottleneck in the progress of vaccinations is currently the availability of more vaccines.

“Young people are pretty vaccine-friendly. The rate of vaccination is more determined by how the vaccine is obtained. ”

It would be especially important now to apply for corona tests with the lowest possible threshold, say Järvinen and Aronkytö.



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