Coronavirus Chief doctor predicts coronavirus to “have a significant impact” for years to come – HS graphics track proportion of unvaccinated in hospitals

According to Asko Järvinen, Hus’s chief physician, based on the current situation, it can be concluded that the epidemic will be seen in hospital care throughout the winter and in the years to come.

Helsinki and the number of coronary patients treated in the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) has increased in recent weeks by about ten patients.

“We were in numbers of about 30 patients for a while, a little below. There are now 45 patients, ”the chief physician Asko Järvinen Husista says.

According to Järvinen, the number of patients has increased throughout the country. There is still no increase in the number of patients in intensive care, as there is a delay of about a week in intensive care.

In recent weeks, the majority of those who have not been vaccinated have ended up in hospital in the Hus area.

“Their share has remained pretty much the same, with about two-thirds of the number of coronary patients on a weekly basis.”

About 15 percent of those in hospital in the Hus area have received a single vaccine. In addition to them, there are individual patients who have received two vaccines.

“Those who have been hospitalized after two vaccines have either an immune deficiency, a high age or some completely different reason. Korona has often not been the main reason for them to seek hospital treatment, ”says Järvinen.

According to Järvinen, the number of patients is not very large.

The proportion of foreign-speaking patients among coronary patients in medical care in the Hus area has varied from about a third to just under half of the total number of patients.

“Their share is slightly over-represented in relation to the population base,” says Järvinen.

Husin the age range of patients in hospital in the area is 20 years to over 80 years of age.

“Recently, the disease has occurred more in young people when it comes to people under the age of 50,” Järvinen says.

The coronavirus is currently most effectively spread in human encounters. Järvinen estimates that a significant proportion of the chains of infection arise in situations where people celebrating in restaurants and bars are in contact with each other.

“People have changed their behavior, and fully vaccinated people can do that,” he says.

Related party infections are still being identified the most. Hus’s figures show that about 40 percent of the infections have occurred in the immediate vicinity.

“Certain workplaces, such as construction sites and a shipyard in Helsinki, produce quite a lot of infections,” says Järvinen.

Infection chains tracing is still being done, but its meaning and role has changed. A large part of the population is vaccinated.

“If tracing cannot be targeted, it is possible to consider whether it makes sense to put resources into it,” says Järvinen.

In unvaccinated groups, changes occur slowly.

“Vaccinations have progressed poorly in non-younger age groups. They have now been vaccinated effectively, ”says Järvinen.

The exit of older age groups from the unvaccinated is in turn “slow as a whole”.

According to Järvinen, it can be concluded that the vaccination coverage does not rise high enough among the oldest non-vaccinated people.

Hus is worried how high is the theoretical cost of caring for coronary patients in hospital, if vaccination coverage does not increase.

“Based on the current situation, it can be concluded that the corona epidemic will be a significant issue in hospital care throughout this winter season and in the years to come,” Järvinen says.

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