Coronavirus Biden’s corona adviser finds Tegnell in Sweden: The perpetrator of the deaths is usually fired or called a Nazi

Andy Slavitt, who starts as Biden’s Korona expert, doesn’t appreciate Sweden’s corona strategy based on his old tweets. Anthony Fauci, a leading U.S. specialist in infectious diseases, has said it is liberating to focus on science without fear of consequences now that Donald Trump has resigned.

The United States presidential Joe Biden As a corona expert, he begins his work Andy Slavittin The chain of several Twitter posts published in early December has now become a news topic in the Swedish media.

On Twitter, Slavitt harshly criticizes Sweden’s coronavirus strategy. According to him, it falls into the category of “simply forget it”.

Slavitt compares Swedish state epidemiology Anders Tegnell to the United States Scott to Atlas, who had to resign as then president last November Donald Trumpin the role of the corona adviser after proposing a slower pace of testing and a faster opening of U.S. borders. According to Slavitt, Tegnell is “the genius behind Swedish strategy”.

“If you have a strategy that leads to human deaths, you will usually end up being fired or compared to a Nazi. Or both, ”Slavitt wrote on Twitter on December 3rd.

“If Tegnell and Atlas’ dream was that 200,000 people a day would get a coronavirus infection, now it’s come true.”

Slavitt advocates strict restrictions and the closure of societal activities to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Fresh President Biden has promised to put science and research back at the center of overcoming the pandemic.

“That’s why you’re going to hear a lot more experts than the president in the coming weeks. Experts who need to be able to do their work without fear of political pressure, ”the president continued.

A leading infectious disease specialist in the United States Anthony Faucin According to him, it is liberating to focus on science without fear of consequences now that the ex-president Donald Trump has resigned. Fauc’s views were reported by the news agency AFP, among others.

Fauci, Biden’s top crown adviser, commented on the issue in the Biden administration’s first White House corona situation review.

Fauci was also on the corona working group during the previous administration. He had several cross-rolls with Trump.

Anthony Fauci, a leading U.S. specialist in infectious diseases, at a White House press conference on January 21, 2021.­

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Fauc was asked to compare his experience from the previous administration with Biden’s recent administration. He said it became clear to him that the new administration was going to be completely transparent, open and honest.

He also estimates that by the time things go wrong, he is not going to point the finger, but will fix things that have failed. He also stressed that in the future all activities will be based on science.

According to Fauc, being able to stand up in front of reporters to tell you what he feels and let science speak is a liberating feeling.

Infectious Disease Specialist stressed that he had no pleasure in having to argue against Trump and said he never felt that things could be said without consequences.

During the previous administration, Fauci, among other things, honestly told how the United States had failed to bring its corona epidemic under control. The expert’s honesty took him on a collision course with Trump, who announced several times prematurely that he had won the virus. Trump also attacked Fauc on Twitter.

Trump repeatedly downplayed the severity of the corona pandemic and, as president, questioned, among other things, the use of face masks and isolation measures. In addition, he gave his support to a number of miracle drugs, the effectiveness of which was not guaranteed.

Fauci said on Thursday some of the things the former administration said were uncomfortable because they were not based on scientific facts. As an example, he referred, among other things, to claims about the effectiveness of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine. As president, Trump was an advocate for that drug.


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