Coronavirus At least 22 corona patients died in India as a result of an oxygen tank leak

Several Indian hospitals have reported that they are threatened with running out of oxygen to patients even within hours.

Over Twenty coronavirus patients have died in India when the hospital’s oxygen tank began to leak. The incident happened Wednesday in Nashiki near Mumbai.

This is reported by several Indian media, for example Hindustan Times and India Today.

According to the Hindustan Times, one of the hospital’s large oxygen tanks began to leak while it was being filled. Due to the leak, the pressure in the tank decreased and oxygen did not flow to the patients who needed it as it should have.

It is not yet known whether the dead patients relied on ventilators or oxygen mustaches. Half of the dead were women and half men.

Zakir Hussain the regional hospital where the accident occurred has more than 150 coronavirus patients. According to the regional health minister who commented to the Hindustan Times, at least 61 of these patients have been in critical condition.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased patients. Modi called the accident heartbreaking. Times of Indian According to him, a grant of about 5,000 euros is planned for the relatives of the victims.

Indian the coronavirus situation has deteriorated in recent weeks. On Wednesday, 295,041 new coronavirus infections were reported, the highest number reported during a pandemic, according to news agency Reuters.

Several Indian hospitals have reported depletion of their oxygen stores and concerns that spare oxygen may run out in the middle of an hour.

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