Coronavirus All the old residents of the Helsinki nursing home have now been vaccinated, a significant change in meeting relatives – “Let’s go towards normal,” says 75-year-old Leena Suominen

The visit time to Helsinki’s senior centers will be extended to one hour, but other visiting instructions will remain unchanged.

Kustaankartanon senior center resident Leena Suominen, 75, is pleased to have already received the coronavirus vaccine.

Kustaankartano, located in Oulunkylä, Helsinki, was the city’s first senior center, where vaccinations were started at the beginning of January. Now its residents have been given both parts of the vaccines except for a few new residents.

There are about 4,400 people receiving round-the-clock care services in Helsinki. Of these, 2,300 people live in the city’s senior centers and 2,100 in purchasing services. There are a total of ten senior centers.

Kustaankartanon more than half of the senior center staff have been vaccinated.

the city of Helsinki information according to, vaccination has been given to about 90 percent of all staff and residents in the city’s 24-hour care for the elderly.

However, there is no reason for a big celebration yet, as the new virus variant that has spread in Finland is also a cause for concern in the senior center. Security arrangements are still strictly adhered to.

One big change is still allowed: the duration of the meeting of loved ones was extended on Monday at Kustaankartano from quarter to hour.

“It’s a great thing, let’s go towards normal. Yes, vaccination makes it easier. It is safer to move and you don’t have to think that because the virus comes to me, ”says Leena Suominen.

The visit time was also extended to one hour in other senior centers and service houses in Helsinki. Other visiting instructions remain unchanged.

In Suominen’s opinion, the situation is even better when employees can be without masks. Now the caregivers look different and have had to learn to recognize them by eye.

Tarja Sainio, director of the Kustaankartano senior center, has been relieved of the vaccines but is worried about the spreading virus variant.­

Kustaankartanon director of the senior center Tarja Sainio says she is very relieved and happy.

He is happy if different activities and cultural events can be organized in the senior center later.

“Let’s fight now, however, to end this fight first. We have all learned that we move forward day by day. We are ready for quick changes again if the need arises. ”

The past year has been really heavy mentally for Sainio as well as for the entire staff, customers and relatives. Restrictions have caused a lot of ethical pressure, but fear, change, and the distress of relatives have also burdened me.

“The longing for relatives has been palpable. I also look forward to making it easier for my employees. ”

During Kustaankartano’s senior center, there have been a few cases of corona and exposures during the year, as well as a couple of deaths.

Maija Seitsonen, 92, is happy to see her loved ones.­

Pair lived in a senior center for years Maija Seitsonen, 92, has been upset as the meeting of loved ones has been less recent.

“Yes, we have lived enough from the sky here, even two evacuation trips and that track. And now this Corona came here as an extra. ”

Seitsonen is waiting for a return to normal. Relatives have been hard to miss.

“My brother’s children come to see me, there are more or less of them. Some of them come from even longer, so nice that instead of 15 minutes we can meet a little longer. ”

In addition, due to the coronavirus, the Clubs of the Senior Center, such as the craft club, in which Seitson also has participated, have been on hiatus. Despite vaccinations, the clubs will not be restarted but possibly later.

Severe frost readings in the Helsinki metropolitan area also limited Seitsonen’s outdoor walks.

“By the way, it has gone just fine. There hasn’t been much talk about corona with your department buddies, just like there hasn’t been about illness at all. ”

Presently The majority of Finland’s major cities are vaccinating those aged 80 and over this year.

Vaccinations for those at risk have also been started due to their illness.

For example, those in the first risk group have severe chronic kidney disease, severe chronic lung disease, or a severe condition that weakens the body’s resistance, such as transplantation or acute cancer treatment.

When all Finns have been vaccinated depends on the number of vaccines available in Finland and the interval between the first and second vaccines.

Read more: When have all Finns been vaccinated? The graphics show the scenarios for THL

By 22 February, a total of 282,730 people had received vaccines in Finland. In Helsinki, a total of 31,317 people have received the first dose and 8,080 people have received the first dose alone.


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