Coronavirus Addressing the coronary crisis came to the fore in IS’s regional election exam – Saarikko spoke about his misunderstanding at a meeting of coronary ministers

Saarikko had understood that the recommendation for testing and quarantining schoolchildren was common to STM and THL.

11.1. 21:16

Wellness areas In addition to or even instead of services, Ilta-Sanomat’s regional election exam on Tuesday also talked a lot about the treatment and management of the coronavirus pandemic.

In particular, the chairmen of the governing parties were asked whether the management of the crisis was no longer under the control of the government and the prime minister.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) reiterated that last week was not a success and that we need to be able to do better in the future.

Opposition Party Chairman of the Opposition Party Petteri Orpo accused the government of not listening to the Department of Health and Welfare, but this was denied by Marin:

“On the contrary, the corona group ended up with THL in the case of contact teaching, but I also understand STM’s point of view.”

Alun originally the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) and the Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) presented a recommendation on distance learning, but the coronary ministerial group did not end up with it last Friday.

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Instead, schools were recommended for rigorous testing of students and quarantine of the entire class for a single case of infection.

The Treasury minister Annika Saarikon According to (Central), the government is at least trying to be able to operate in corona operations, where priority is given to the protection of children and young people and the identification of regional situations.

The archipelago returned to last Friday’s meeting of coroner ministers.

“I assumed that the view on testing and quarantining schoolchildren was shared by STM and THL. It would be nice to have consistent information, ”Saarikko said.

Saarikko said that it was only afterwards that he realized that this was not the way recommended by THL to test schools.

Politicians according to Saarikko, the task is not to dispute how many tests are taken and how long the quarantine is.

According to Marin, STM and THL look at things from different perspectives, ie the carrying capacity of healthcare and epidemiology.

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“It is clear that STM and THL need to talk to each other, to find common positions and views.”

“We also have to accept that there are different perceptions between and even within the authorities. There is no one truth, ”Saarikko said.

In the exam Marin was also told why he is not leading the government’s corona working group, but is being led by Kiuru.

Marin justified his line-up membership in the group with the prime minister’s other work and time. He also noted that “Kiuru is capable of leading” the group.

Opposition Petteri Orpo (Coalition Party) urged the Prime Minister to keep information on the management of the coronary crisis and to open up government decisions: “Government decision-making is unclear and confusing.”

Marin, on the other hand, recalled the changing times.

“I have been criticized in the past for being a prime minister or a coroner.”

IS: n the four representatives of the government and the opposition who took part in the first part of the exam agreed with Marini that the government should henceforth go through the issues together before exiting.

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“It’s better for the government to have internal discussions with each other rather than through the public,” the education minister said Li Andersson (vas).

“I hope this is a lesson learned and is the last time,” said the Attorney General Anna-Maja Henriksson (r).

“This is not how the country is run,” the output was criticized by the opposition Christian Democrat chairman Sari Essayah.

The shop now Harry Harkimo compared the government to a herd that “crashes before decisions are made”.

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